The Revealing Truth Of What Each Zodiac Sign Secretly Desires In A Relationship

Familiarizing yourself with your partner’s zodiac sign can not only reveal a lot about that person’s psyche but also help you discover what he or she longs for in a relationship.

Being in a relationship requires that you have a deep understanding of your partner’s personality. His or her desires, wants, needs, or expectations should be clear to you, so you can work toward meeting most (if not all) of them to keep your partner happy and the relationship healthy.


If you’re dating an Aries, you should be ready to strike a balance between allowing your partner to become the go-getter person that he or she has always been, and to be showered with love and attention. The Ram may be tough on the outside, but deep inside, this sign also has a soft spot for all the romantic stuff.


Because Taureans are very faithful to their partner, they’ll expect the same loyalty and devotion from you. You don’t have to gift them with material things even though they’re attracted to the finer things in life. Instead, the Bull sign would appreciate it more if you gave him or her all of your heart.


Geminis are naturally sociable and independent, and believe in empowering themselves without help from others. They like engaging in intelligent discussions, so you should be prepared to keep a good conversation going when you’re with your Gemini partner.


People born under this sign yearn for a deep sense of safety and comfort – something that they equate with home. Make sure you spend a lot of quality time together to make your Cancerian partner feel emotionally, mentally, and physically secure.


The Lion sign of the zodiac considers relationships as an essential aspect of their life. Leos will lavish their loved ones with care and thoughtful gestures and expect nothing less than a sincere show of affection from you in return.


You might find Virgos aloof, but that’s just because they’re trying to size you up. To get through to your Virgo partner, you’ll need to show him or her that you can be trusted. You don’t even have to spend on material things or be all too mushy to win the heart of a Virgo.


Librans desire balance, as depicted by the scales that symbolize this zodiac. This means they like keeping things in moderation, which is why they can make for great speakers as well as terrific listeners. So, don’t be afraid to engage your Libra partner in a friendly debate of sort, but you should also be generous in communicating how much you admire or cherish your significant other.


Scorpios can be very extreme individuals – bold and cool on the outside, yet deeply emotional beneath the surface. Despite their ability to hide their feelings, they’re receptive to physical affection and private, quality moments with the love of their life.


Sagittarians love travelling, exploring things, and having freedom in a relationship. Thus, you should never expect that your Sagittarius partner will be at your side 24/7, at least while you’re still trying to build your relationship. However, if you decide to stick around with a Centaur, you’ll be in for lots of adventure and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Hardworking and ambitious, Capricorns will do everything they can to achieve their goals. Sometimes, this intense drive to succeed overcomes their need to pursue love or express their feelings. Just like most people in a relationship though, Capricorns appreciate words of affirmation and admiration from their partner.


The Water Bearer has the quirkiest personality among the rest of the zodiac signs. On the one hand, they can be easygoing and friendly, but they also have a stubborn side to them. When it comes to matters of the heart, you have to give your Aquarian partner the space and freedom they need to make the relationship work.


Pisceans are inherently hopeless romantics, but also have the tendency to keep things to themselves. Their artistic side is very personal and valuable to them, so you might want to brush up on your knowledge about the arts to strike up a conversation, and hopefully get them out of their shell.

The Bottom Line

Although you might recognize these traits or desires in your partner’s zodiac sign, remember that your partner is a unique human being. He or she might have other needs that you have to consider. Safe to say, you need to keep the communication lines open and be sensitive toward your partner’s feelings, so there will be no unmet expectations.

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