5 Lies That Could Spell The End Of Your Relationship

Relationships are hard work, and we all end up telling a white lie to our partner, in one way or another, to either make them feel better or to spare their feelings.

Still, there is a difference between telling a little fib and lying about already being married. And while, nobody goes through both the extremes, there are still something people end up lying about, that have the potential to destroy the relationship.

To make sure you don’t fall into the trappings of convenient truths, we have the five lies that you should avoid if you want your relationship to last.

Lie #1: Needs

Whether to seem more easy-going or just out of consideration for your partner, many people end up lying about their basic needs and wants. When women fake their appetites or men feign interest in conversations just to make someone like them, we already know the relationship is doomed. If you make fun of your favourite tv show, just to please your partner, then you know that you’re missing out. Still, even subtle lies have a way of coming and biting you in the butt later.

Lie #2: Feelings

As with desires and needs, the same goes for feelings. Hiding any aspect of your personal identity, can lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary complications. This obviously doesn’t mean that you project all your mood swings on your partner, just that expressing dissatisfaction and hurt, is a better way of being in touch with your partner than being passive aggressive later.

Lie #3: Fidelity

Cheating is wrong— and emotionally cheating is just as bad as physically cheating on your partner. While, this would be the most obvious thing on a list of lies to never tell your partner, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t recognise emotional infidelity as something problematic. Just remember, if you’re spending way too much time with your ‘just-friend’ flirtation, imagine what you would feel if your partner did the same.

Lie #4: Exes

When we say exes, we really mean all romantic history. When it comes to your past, honesty really is the best policy. Your partner bumping into your former flame, without the former even having knowledge of the latter’s existence could be an ugly embarrassment. Your partner wouldn’t mind the existence of your exes, as much as being blindsided by a potentially unhappy surprise.

Lie #5: Babies

It’s not a big deal until you think about settling down, but the moment you do, the topic of kids is bound to show up. And honestly, a couple where one person wants kids and the other doesn’t, usually ends up in tears. You can’t change what you want, and neither is it fair to expect your partner to have to make sacrifices. Talk about what you want openly, and you can save some major heartbreak in the long run.

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