7 Signs That You And Your Partner Will Certainly Last

Regardless of how long you have known your partner or how long you’ve been dating him/her, it is natural to experience moments of doubt and uncertainty at some point during the relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs and there are times when you are extremely grateful to have found someone like him/her, while at other times you wonder if you have made the correct decision.

During the course of your relationship, you will have various opportunities when you willingly or unwillingly reexamine it to understand how far it will really go. Below discussed are 7 important signs to be certain that you two are meant to last:

You Are Both Equals:

None of you is inferior or superior to the other. Your relationship does not feature any instance of manipulation or abuse. You respect each other and there is an equal amount of emotional dependence from both sides. Both of you are grateful to have found this beautiful partner in their life.

You Involve Each Other in Discussions about the Future:

When either of you think about your future, you are not thinking solely about oneself. You are considering your partner and taking decisions jointly that are mutually acceptable. You know your partner will support your dreams and aspirations as much as you will support theirs.

You Operate from Similar Value and Belief Systems:

Whether or not your interests and hobbies match is not a criterion that decides the durability of your relationship; it is the values and beliefs that govern your actions and those of your partner. Compatibility levels go down when both of you are operating from fundamentally contradictory values and beliefs.

You Have Healthy and Constructive Arguments:

Arguments are a part and parcel of any relationship. More than the number of arguments it is the quality of arguments that will determine how strong and long-lasting your relationship is going to be. When both of you are stating facts and arguing maturely with the point of view of coming up with a solution, then that’s a constructive argument. There is no unhealthy comment, personal attack or words that you will regret using and won’t be able to take back.

You Think About Your Partner Even When They Aren’t with You:

You are thinking about each other even when you are alone or out with your friends. You see something while shopping that you think your partner will like and get it immediately. In short, they are always with you in your mind and your heart even if they are not physically present with you.

You are Both Individual Entities:

It might seem contradicting to say that you share everything with each other but are essentially, fundamentally, two independent entities. Trust me – it is not contradicting but in fact complimentary. Because you both have a personality of your own, you bring something unique to the relationship that is appreciated by your partner. You also have a life outside this relationship that might include certain interests and hobbies which you pursue on your own or with a set of friends. It is this life that helps you thrive as a person, offers you different perspectives to look at the world around you and ultimately strengthens your relationship with your partner.

You Both Prioritize the Relationship Over Everything Else:

Both of you are willing to adjust and make simple compromises to keep the relationship going. In fact, sometimes, it no longer feels like a compromise because you are happy to take a decision that will strengthen your relationship with your partner rather than something which will only play in your best interest. For both of you, your relationship comes first and everything else takes a backstage.

Via ThinkAloud