The Heartbreak of Realizing He’s Not Your Soulmate After All

I guess I was naive to fall for him thinking that he was my soulmate. I really wanted him to bet the one to ignite the light in my heart but I was so wrong. Every part of my being felt so connected to him and attracted to his smile that I went for it without giving it a second thought. It was so easy and beautiful to love him that I couldn’t possibly be wrong about him.

I made him my priority because at the time it felt that our relationship had potential and he was worth giving him my unconditional love. At first, it all came effortlessly, he was as focused on me as I was on him and we both started building something special. Every second spent together felt like eternity and I was consumed by his love like I’ve never been before.

I’d like to believe that we both had the best of intentions when we decided to give us a chance. We both felt that we could be good together, but as our relationship progressed, things got complicated. We started fighting a lot, what used to be effortless became strenuous. It’s almost as if the intensity of our love turned upside down overnight.

When he least expected it, he bailed on me and gave up on what we built like it meant nothing. It was shocking and so hurtful to see him walk away like he was escaping from a nightmare. No explanation, not a chance to talk things over and reevaluate our situation. He just disappeared and shattered my heart into a million pieces.

I know I deserve so much better, so I spend a lot of time blaming myself for believing that he was my soulmate. A soulmate would not disregard my feelings like he did, a soulmate would not give up on a relationship, a soulmate would not break my heart.

He might have not been my soulmate but I still loved him and gave him everything I got. I gave him a chance, I invited him into my world and not for one second I doubted him. I wanted him so bad to be the one, I didn’t see the warning signs of how much chaos he was going to bring into my heart.

Why does it have to hurt so much to love? Why does betrayal feel like a dagger going right straight through your heart? I hate having been wrong about him. I absolutely hate not seeing his true colors sooner. I want to punish him for stepping right over me, but I also want to punish myself for allowing my heart to fall for him.

It sucks to realize you gave your heart to the wrong guy but I will not give up on love. He might have broken my heart but he didn’t break me.

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