According To Research, Tall Husbands Make Happy Wives

The secret to a happy marriage? Your height, according to a study. Yes, you read that right. Your height. Research suggests women tend to prefer taller man, and that might be a good thing if they want to have a happy, healthy union. Curious? Then read on to find out more about the study’s findings.

Taller men; great marriage. According to a study, women tend to prefer taller men. And this, as it turns out, might be a good thing— especially if they want to have a great marriage, according to Maxim.

The study. Published in 2017, one study looked into the matter. For their data, researchers surveyed over 8,000 participants and discovered that there’s a direct correlation between the ratio of a man’s height to his wife’s, and their marital happiness and satisfaction, Maxim reports.

What it means. So, exactly what does this all mean? Namely, that the taller the husband is than his wife — and the more inches they have separating each other height-wise — the better the relationship will be.

Why? We know what you might be wondering: But why is this so? Like, does science have the answer to why this happens in relationships? Yes and no, Maxim reports.

Evolution biology, and psychology. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the findings all boil down to evolution. Of course, biology and psychology also come into play, Maxim reports.

Physical and mental characteristics. As we all learned in elementary school, males and females have different physical characteristics for very specific evolutionary purpose, Maxim points out. This is also true for mental characteristics.

Protecting and providing. This is where evolution comes in. “Men are larger in stature than women because they’ve been protecting and providing for their mates and children since prehistoric times,” Maxim points out.

Strong and dominant. When a dude is taller than his partner, it’s an indication that he’s strong and dominant— and thus, better in terms of being protective. Ultimately, this does wonders for his ego and makes him happy.

Similarly, it makes a woman happy when her partner can take care of her and her little ones, Maxim points out. We know what you’re probably thinking: But we don’t live in prehistoric times, and this is sort of, well, sexist.

Hardwired into us. Despite how prehistoric it may seem, this explanation is still 100 percent valid, Maxim points out. Why, you say? Because this sort of stuff is hardwired into who we are— yes, it’s literally in our DNA.

Other findings. The researchers also discovered some other things when it came to marriage, Maxim reports. And unfortunately, these things weren’t, um, good things. Like, at all.

Per Maxim: “… you should also know that the researchers discovered a significant decline in marital satisfaction after 18 years together no matter how tall the man is, which means the ‘I Love My Tall Husband’ spell doesn’t last forever.” Yikes.

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