How You Cut People Out of Your Life, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Breakups aren’t just for lovers. People can cut ties with friends, acquaintances, and even family members if necessary. Everyone has a different method of cutting ties with someone they’d rather not speak with or see anymore, and their zodiac sign may give you an idea of how they do it. Read on to find out how each sign specializes in breaking up with people.

Aries. When an Aries cuts ties with you, you know. Once they’re pushed too far they tend to blow up and have a final angry argument with you. Then they’ll be gone, and you’ll never hear from them again, if they can help it.

Taurus. Taureans are grudge royalty. Once they’ve reached their limit they will quietly erase you from their lives completely starting by unfriending and unfollowing you on every social media platform. They’ll then delete every photo if they can, just so they don’t have to be reminded that you exist.

Gemini. Gemini’s duality gives them a few options to cut ties with you. They will normally distance themselves from you firstly and may even resort to pushing you away with rude behavior. They definitely want to avoid anything that will make them feel guilt.

Cancer. Sweet Cancers don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, even if that means that they get hurt themselves. They will keep toxic people around for longer than they should and usually mourn and regret their decision to cut things off when they finally do.

Leo. Leos are always working on moving forward. When one is slighted they make up their minds that they don’t have time to deal with that. They will let you know exactly what you did to hurt them and then remove you from their lives for good.

Virgo. Virgos take their time to end things, they’re very analytical when it comes to these kinds of things. Their first move is to stop messaging first. They’ll take their time to respond. They’ll still be there for you when you need them but you’ll be able to tell they’re there out of duty instead of friendship. And things will soon fizzle out.

Libras. Fair Libras tend to be too nice in these situations which can lead to some confusion. They believe in second chances, but once you hurt them a third time–or a fourth in some cases–they’re gone.

Scorpios. Scorpios don’t mind cutting you out of their life if they feel you deserve it. They’re silent assassins and will quietly push you to the background of their lives. If they feel like they’ve been really wronged they may be tempted to take revenge against you.

Sagittarius. Sagittarians hate breakups and bad feelings. They like things to stay laid-back and relaxed, but if they need to end things someone they’ll do it through ghosting. They’ll avoid you at all costs if they have to.

Capricorn. It takes a lot to make a Capricorn want to cut all ties with you. They’ll try to keep things as polite and courteous as possible–they want to keep things as business-like as possible. In extreme cases they will completely cut ties with you by deleting you from every social media app and never look back though.

Aquarius. Aquarians are the kind of people that stay friends with their exes, so you know it takes a lot for them to want to cut all ties with people. When they’re done they like to have closure. They will meet you face to face or write you a message explaining what went wrong and how they were hurt, and then they’re gone.

Pisces. Pisces will avoid telling you that they’re done until the last possible moment. You may even hear about it from other people first. They also like to bring stuff up from the past that you have already moved past and been forgiven for. It’s probably best for you to cut ties instead of letting them do it.

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