14 Things Men Notice About A Woman Instantly

You know what they say – never judge a book by its cover. And it’s completely true. However, on a realistic level, it takes quite a while to get to know someone. To form a deep connection can often take months, if not years, of time together, having conversations about everything under the sun and getting to know their opinions, dreams, and more. It’s tough to establish that kind of compatibility over the course of one drink, or even one meal together. So, it’s a reality that sometimes, there are things that you notice right away. And this is as true for guys as it is for girls.


So, have you ever wondered what exactly it is that makes someone go across a crowded coffee shop to say hello? What exactly causes that initial spark? Here are 14 things that men notice about a woman instantly.


14 Her smile



A smile is one of the most beautiful things a woman can wear, and guys definitely take notice. If your smile is friendly and genuine, something that comes easily in response to his silly jokes, it says something about you. If all he sees is sarcastic or mocking smiles, that also says something about you – something that might make it less likely that he’ll choose to approach you out of the blue. When a girl has a genuine, open smile, not only does it send a positive message to guys about their personality, it also just really makes it easier for them to feel comfortable approaching her.


13 Her laugh


Let’s face it – men love it when you laugh at their jokes. It makes them feel hilarious and entertaining and just gives them a little confidence boost. So it only makes sense that he’s always listening for your laugh – but don’t just bust out your fake giggle because you think that’s what he wants to hear. It can get irritating when someone giggles at absolutely every comment and statement, particularly if your giggle is very obviously fake. However, just like a real smile, a genuine laugh is something he definitely notices.


12 Her eyes


The saying that the eyes are a window to a person’s soul exists for a reason – eyes can be one of your most expressive features, and can often communicate whether you’re truly interested or not, whether you’re nervous, happy, etc. So, while you might assume that a man’s attention would immediately go to some aspect of your physique, think again – many polls and studies confirm the fact that, when it comes to first impressions and things that men notice instantly, eyes are at the top of the list. If there’s a guy who isn’t making eye contact and is instead just checking out your assets, just move on to someone else – that’s not the guy for you.


11 Her hygiene


This is one of those things that isn’t really something men notice – until it is. If your personal hygiene is top notch, you’re always freshly showered with freshly laundered clothing, he likely won’t notice – he’ll just notice things like your gorgeous locks or your awesome outfit. However, if a man meets someone with greasy, unwashed hair, someone who emits an unpleasant odour, someone whose clothes are obviously soiled and wrinkled, it’s a definite turn off. In fact, a recent match.com poll suggests that bad personal hygiene is actually one of the biggest first date turn-offs. So, while some men may get a bad rap for being a little messy, trust us – they definitely care about hygiene.

10 Her personal style

Unless he works in fashion or is very, very interested in clothing, chances are a man won’t be able to tell your Balenciaga from your Kate Spade. He probably won’t be able to name what cut your jeans are, or immediately know where your killer heels are from. However, men definitely notice your outfit because it says a lot about your personality. There are no hard and fast rules – some guys love a girl who gets all glammed up, others love someone who shows up to a date with sneakers, a fresh face, and a basic t-shirt. Men just notice when you’re rocking an outfit that obviously suits you, and your personality.

9 Her hair

Let’s face it – many women put a lot of time into their hair, from getting it cut and colored to styling it before dates. It can take a lot of effort to tame those tresses some days. And, while a man might not really be able to comment on that subtle ombre effect you recently incorporated, or discuss the various styles of bangs you’re contemplating, he’ll definitely notice your locks in general. It’s a biological thing – once upon a time, men saw thick and lustrous hair as a sign of a woman’s health, so they’re naturally drawn to someone whose hair looks healthy.

8 Her sense of humour

It can be intimidating to meet someone who is serious all of the time and never cracks a joke. While it might be tough to be outgoing and toss jokes left and right if you’re a very shy, introverted type of person, even a dry and sarcastic sense of humour will catch his attention. Guys love when you laugh at their jokes, but they also love when you’re able to make them laugh. So, whether your sense of humour is more subtle and witty or whether you crack up over fart jokes and physical comedy, he’ll definitely take notice. Perhaps it’ll even help him decide which comedic film to take you to on your first date!

7 Her friends

Let’s face it – your group of friends is your group of friends for a reason. Even though you might think you’re totally different from some of the ladies in your circle of friends, the fact that you’re able to remain close suggests you likely have a lot in common, even if it’s just more abstract values. Guys know this. A quiet homebody likely isn’t going to be BFFs with the biggest party girl on the block, for example. So, if he spots you on a girl’s night out, even if it’s you he’s interested in, he likely will notice the company you keep.

6 Her scent

Guys are pretty much fascinated by the way women smell. While some guys will try to amp things up by wearing cologne, or sniffing a few extra deodorants to find that perfect scent, there isn’t quite as much variety in the world of men’s scents as in women’s. As a result, most women have a distinct scent that will definitely linger in a guy’s mind, whether it’s the simple smell of the detergent you use, the shampoo you washed your hair with while getting ready, or the signature perfume that you spritz on every time you leave the house- it could even be your natural pheromones!

5 Her confidence

There are a lot of different girls in this world, and it can be easy to assume that men will only notice the loud, in-your-face extroverts who are shouting over the music at whatever bar you’re at. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While a drunken yell might catch a guy’s attention for a moment, what they really notice is something simpler – confidence. Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes, and even a relatively shy woman can still pack a huge punch of confidence. Whether his values align with yours, whether you’re his ‘type,’ whatever, if a man senses that a woman is confident, that’s sexy.

4 Her make-up

Unless you’ve caught the eye of a professional make-up artist, chances are men will never know the difference between the original Naked palette and the Naked 3. When they hear about a Too Faced Chocolate Bar, they assume it’s just a brand of literal chocolate that they’re unfamiliar with. However, make no mistake – guys will definitely notice your make-up. Make-up is a great way to express yourself, so even though you might rock a cat eye and bold lip one night and a simple, fresh-faced look another, your make-up on any given night says something about your personality that he’s sure to take note of.

3 Her voice

While what keeps a man’s attention in the long run will be the conversations you have and the actual words that come out of your mouth, your voice is definitely what he notices instantly. Do you have a lower, sultry voice that will make his pulse race, or will you charm him with your feminine vocals? Do you have a bit of a Valley Girl thing going on, or do you rock the full Jersey accent? Southern drawl? An accent from a foreign country? Whatever you were blessed with, he’ll notice as soon as you utter the first “hello.”

2 Her height

With height, as with most other physical characteristics, every guy has a preference. Some men love statuesque women 5’10 and above who would fit right in strutting their stuff on the runway, while others love petite ladies. However, regardless of a man’s preference, he’ll definitely notice your height. I mean, you notice a guy’s height, right? It’s kind of hard to ignore such a basic physical characteristic. So whether you decide to rock flats or your biggest sky-high heels, he’ll notice how tall you are.

1 Her overall attitude

While it’s incredibly difficult to notice more personality-driven things right off the bat, compared to physical traits like eye color or height, there’s one thing that every guy will notice almost immediately – your overall attitude. Let us explain. While it takes awhile to truly get to know someone, your attitude comes through in pretty much everything you saw, and can either send a warning signal or a sign that he’s found a great girl. For example – are you constantly insulting the waitress and complaining about every aspect of your meal? Or are you able to laugh things off when they go wrong, and treat others with kindness? Whatever your overall attitude is, it will come through in your actions and words almost immediately.

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