Psychology Explains 5 Reasons Why Blunt People Make Incredible Friends

We all wish we could be as fearless as that person who always gives it to people straight. Being transparent can be scary. Sometimes we avoid the truth because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, or maybe we’re just too afraid to be confrontational. However, sparing someone’s feelings by being dishonest can actually make you a worse friend.

Here are 5 reasons why psychology can back bluntness as a good attribute in friendships.


1. They’re Honest


Blunt people aren’t afraid to tell the plain truth, which makes them reliable and trustworthy. They are your go-to person when you need good life advice and opinions on which fashion choices you should make.


There are no surprises with blunt people because you can always expect them to have your best interests in mind when they speak to you.


2. You Know They Love You


Nobody wants to keep frenemies in their lives. Toxic friendships where the two people secretly hate each other are so damaging to both parties. You’ll never have to worry about your blunt friend holding secret grudges.


If they don’t like something you’re doing, they’ll let you know!


If they didn’t like you, they definitely wouldn’t stick around, so be confident in your friendship.


3. They Motivate You


Some friends are too shy to even tell you when you have food stuck in your teeth! Every relationship in your life should be nurturing, and blunt people will always be rallying to help you grow to be your best self.

If they notice a bad habit, they’ll point it out and work with you to correct it.

4. They’re Not Too Proud

When a blunt person is in the wrong, they’ll be the first person to admit it, apologize, and take whatever steps are necessary to fix their wrongdoing. Blunt people ultimately cause the least amount of drama.

While their upfront attitude might be off-putting to you at first, if you can handle their honesty, they won’t start any fights.

5. They’ll Protect You

You might be too shy to stand up for yourself, but if your blunt friend witnesses someone causing you harm, they’ll be sure to speak up on your behalf. Everyone deserves to have someone fighting in their corner when times get tough. You can always count on your blunt friend to support you through thick and thin.

Do you have any blunt friends who would agree with these 5 psychological facts? Let them know that you appreciate them and their bluntness by sending them this article!

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