Your Romance Horoscope For May, According To Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Chinese Zodiac reveals many secrets, including what your romantic life will look like in May.

Chinese astrology is similar to the Western Zodiac in that they too have twelve signs. The twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac are represented entirely by animals. However, unlike the Western Zodiac, your Chinese Zodiac is decided by the year you were born in instead of the month.

Find your Chinese Zodiac animal in the chart below by locating the year you were born:

Your Chinese Zodiac signs unlocks many mysteries. What will your Chinese Zodiac sign say about your love life in May?


People born in the year of the rat will go through a transformation this month. You will find new romantic opportunities might present themselves or old relationships may finally come to an end. Either way, make the best of these new developments in your life and use them to your advantage.


Those born in the year of the Ox are reliable and affectionate. These people need to find a partner who can match their level of dependability and trustworthiness. This can be difficult because not everyone can live up to the integrity of someone born in the year of the Ox.


The tiger is expected to have a fruitful love life in May. Your passion has not dulled in all these years and regardless of your situation you will always be fulfilled in the romance department. Take advantage of the positive astrological energy flowing your way this month.


You are going to have maybe one major shot at love this year and you can’t blow it because another chance might not come around again for a long time. While you may not have the best success in love during May you can still count on that one magical moment where everything goes right this year. It might only happen once to be on the lookout.


This is a month of growth for people born in the sign of the dragon. It is best if dragons go into this month with a relationship they plan on cultivating for a long time to come. This is the month things might get serious for you and if you’re hoping to settle down this may be the month for you to do it.


You are a bit shy and guarded on top of being very picky. You have incredibly high standards and it is unlikely that you’ll find many people who fit your ideal mold. When you do find someone who qualifies you will recognize it immediately and act accordingly.


Don’t get too ahead of yourself this month because it could come back to bite you. You will feel a romantic energy in the air but you should remember to take it slow and not to rush things. You are in danger of losing your relationship or failing to build a new one if you don’t act carefully.


You are too focused on other aspects of your life to really cultivate a relationship. You are so goal-oriented that the only type of relationship you have is with your work. This doesn’t mean you are incapable of finding love but it isn’t your priority this month.


You have the potential to have a great month. May could be great for people who were born in the year of the Monkey. Relationships feel almost effortless and you seem to have a connection with people around you. However, make sure that you don’t spend all your time on romance this month. The Monkey also runs the risk of being distracted by the love of others.


People born in the year of the Rooster are going to have a month of passion and romance. Roosters should be careful not to get too caught up in all of the romantic opportunities that become available this month. If a rooster decides to settle down in May they’ll be sure to have a passionate relationship but they will also be tempted by the love of others.


2018 is the year of the dog – this is your year! You have a lot of romantic opportunity this month and you will more than likely find yourself falling in love. Be careful, though, because you can fall out of love just as fast as you fell into it. This is a year of abundant energy and lots of changes for those born in the sign of the dog.


Those born in the year of the pig have the most positive romantic outlook for May. You will be amazed by how well relationships go for you this month and there is a good likelihood that you’ll take your relationship to the next level. Take advantage of your positive energy and try to find someone who completes you.

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