6 Ways A Woman’s Body Will Try To Tell Her She Is Not With The Right Man

Our bodies speak, but sometimes we’re not fluent in their language or we simply choose to ignore it. If you pay closer attention to your body’s physical, mental, and emotional cues, you can learn how to live a better life.

Here are 6 ways a woman’s body will try to tell her that she is not with the right man.

You Smile Less

When you’re truly in love, you should be thinking about that person often and smiling. You might be able to trick others into thinking you’re happy when you talk about this person, but your body won’t hide the truth from you. If you think about this person and truly don’t feel happy, then you need to look into your heart. Also, if you feel sad when you’re alone, and not because you miss them, this is another important factor to consider when figuring out your feelings for them.

Low Self-Esteem

You should know that you’re a rockstar all on your own, but a man should enrich your life, not detract from it! A gentleman will always make his lady feel incredibly loved and appreciated, which should make your self-esteem feel high. If you’re filled with doubts and insecurities, you’re probably not with a very loving or supportive partner, and you deserve better.

You’re Emotionally Drained

While no relationship is ever perfect, most of the time you should feel revitalized when you’re in love. If you feel emotionally exhausted or even physically exhausted by the relationship, you need to move on.

You’re In Denial

Women are incredibly intuitive and emotionally intelligent. Deep down, you should know if your relationship is fulfilling. Sometimes, when we really want to make the relationship work, we can try to trick ourselves into thinking that the situation is okay. If you always have to pep talk yourself, make excuses for his behavior, or convince yourself to stay, then you really should leave.

You Don’t Put Yourself First

Sometimes relationships do work when you put the other person first, and they do the same for you. This is selfless and unconditional love. However, if your needs are not met and you’re suffering, then you have a big problem.

You’re The Witness Instead Of The Participant

It’s easy to slip into routines and let passion die. However, anniversaries and other important days tied to your romance should be a source of joy. If you feel like you’re just going through the motions of completing a chore by buying birthday gifts and celebrating Valentine’s Day, then you need to find someone who brings the zest back to your life.

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