5 Signs He’s Not Faking It, He’s Really Into You

The early stages of a new relationship are unquestionably the best stages. There is a certain mystery and thrill of getting to know someone romantically – the butterflies are in full effect, their words and actions are unpredictable and the mutual attraction is undeniable.

But you may also want to be cautious during these giddy days of courtship. Since you technically have a lot more to learn about each other, it can be hard to determine whether he’s taking the relationship as seriously as you are. If you notice these signs, however, you may want to let your guard down.

He carves out time for you, no matter how busy

If he’s always making excuses about how his schedule is always so jam-packed when you try to make plans with him, it could be a red flag. A guy who’s sincerely into you will try to set aside time to spend with you – no matter how brief. If he’s focused on building his relationship with you, he’ll put his focus into making sure he can do that in whatever way possible – whether it’s a coffee run before work or a dinner date at your favorite restaurant.

“When can I see you again?”

He can’t get enough of you, so he asks about the next time he’ll see you again even before the current date is over. A guy who’s not as interested in progressing the relationship further will make it obvious by the way he leaves the date. If he’s genuine in his efforts to see you again, he’ll make sure to reserve a spot on his calendar and yours while he still has you.

He makes it a point to text or call regularly

Persistence is key for a guy who’s really interested. Not to say that he will be in stalker mode, but if he truly has his sights set on you – he’ll want to build the relationship whenever he can. It’s his way of showing that you’re on his mind, and through his interactions, wants to make sure he’s on yours as well.

All body signs point to you

Even if he doesn’t blatantly tell you how he feels, body language speaks volumes. When you speak, he may face you completely – phone in his pocket, giving you his full, undivided attention. He may also brush against your arm, hold your hand or lean in as close as he can without coming across as intrusive.

He’s an open book

While it’s normal to want to know as much as you can about a person you’re dating—divulging your own thoughts, goals and passions to them is a way to make them feel comfortable about sharing those things with you. So if he’s vulnerable about these things, he trusts you enough to invite you into his mind, hoping you could invite him into yours too.

Via WomenWorking