8 Undeniable Signs You’re the Chill Alpha

You’re a fearless leader, but you’re not up in everyone’s face about it. Yes, you’re still a tigress—but the kind of tigress that likes to lie in the sun and take a cat nap.


People expect you to be a type A nut job, but you’re not too worried about what other people think. You know they’re just jealous that you manage to be so confident and so laid back at the same time. You’re just down to walk softly and carry a big stick.


1. You’re not bossy… people just listen to you.


You don’t need to bark orders or bully your squad. What’s the point of yelling at people? They either need to get on your level or stop bothering you.


You’ve never been one for controlling other people; if they want to listen to you, that’s their call.


2. You don’t care enough for the mind games.


You’re not about stepping on other people to get to the top; you just wound up there.


Probably because you’re smart and competent and get shit done—you’re the one friends turn to with impossible problems, and you’re more than happy to come to the rescue.


But why play mind games when you could nap?


3. You’re intimidating but you don’t try to be.


Which is weird, because you know that you’re as easygoing as they come.

But sometimes people assume that you’re some kind of domineering force of nature, when really you’re just cool and in control and ready for a beer.

4. You’re blunt, not mean.

Look, you’re going to tell it like it is. But you’re not going to cause drama without good reason.

You can throw shade with the best of them, but you aren’t the type to go on the offensive or try to tear someone down. Everyone’s just doing their thing, man.

5. You don’t feel the need to prove yourself to others.

You’re going to do your best, and if that’s not good enough, everyone else can go screw. Luckily, your best usually is good enough.

But you’re not going to suck up to anyone or try to prove that you’re the biggest kid on the playground. You’re just too chill for that noise.

6. Friendship actually means a lot to you.

Your crew trusts you to the end of world, or possibly farther. You’re not out to climb any social ladders, you’re just here to hang with friends and have a low-key blast.

You’re always there for a friend in need, and they love you for the laid back alpha that you are.

7. Your confidence isn’t blatantly obvious.

Loud and pushy isn’t your look. You don’t need to be the biggest personality in the room to ooze confidence.

You’re on top because you’re comfortable with yourself, and you don’t care enough to try and be anyone else.

8. You will never let anyone mess with you or yours.

But yeah, if someone’s out of line you’re not afraid to tell them what’s up. No one better hate on you or your friends, because you’ll drag them without even putting down your beer.