The Way You Hold Hands With Your Partner Reveals Something About Your Relationship

Body language can convey a lot about you, as well as the person that you’re interacting with. If you’re in a relationship, are you a hand-holder? Some people are, others aren’t. The way you grab your partner’s hand may have a hidden meaning behind it. If you prefer not to hold hands with your partner, there’s probably a hidden meaning behind that too!

The way you hold hands with your partner can reveal a lot about your relationship. What type of hand-holder are you?

1. Fingers Slightly Laced Together

When you are your partner hold hands loosely and with fingers laced together in a casual way, you are showing a sign of respect for your relationship and for your partner. This position indicates that you trust each other enough to give each other personal space, but it also shows a level of deep intimacy and emotional stability between the partners.

2. Interlocked Fingers

When two people hold hands with their fingers tightly bound and their fingers intertwined, they are showing care and trust for each other. This is not a position that people who only share a physical attraction for each other would use to hold hands. Couples may use this position earlier or later in their relationship consistently, or they may transition to one of the other styles later in their relationship.

3. One-Finger Hold

Rather than holding each other’s hands fully, you may simply link pinky fingers together. A variation of this is when one person uses his or her entire hand to hold the other person’s finger. This is a flirty style of handholding that is most common in newer relationships. It may also be used by couples who are in a long-term relationship and who have found a way to keep a flirty spark alive in their relationship.

4. Palms Touching Without Fingers Intertwined

Many people hold hands with their palms touching flatly on each other and with their fingers wrapped around the side of the other person’s palms. This position indicates a sense of responsibility and even dominance of one person over the other way. The person whose palm is facing upward is being cared for or even dominated by the person whose palm is facing downward. However, this position may also be used when one person is upset. The other person may take the dominant position in a protective or calming manner.

5. Grasping Fingers

A variation of the palms touching position is when the couple grasps each other’s fingers. Essentially, four fingers of one partner’s hands are in a closed, gentle grip around the other partner’s four fingers. This is a respectful position that indicates that the couple feels secure together. They share loyalty and trust in a stable relationship. If only one person is lightly grasping the other person’s fingers, this may be a sign of protection or care.

Which of these ways do you and your partner hold hands? Did you find the description accurate? Be sure to let us know in the comments!