Love horoscope 2018: Are you finally going to meet the love of your life?

2018 is here and with a new year comes the hope of a better love life, a sweeter romance and a rejuvenation of relationships. While we all do hope for a rosy year ahead, it is our stars that shape how our love lives are going to be. The stars may favor one over the other and may be cruel to some. So what do they hold for you? What does your Zodiac hold in store for your love life? Read on and find out.

#1 Aries

Ariens are going to find out something extremely new about love. It may be something new about their partners or something extremely emotional about love itself, which they hadn’t experienced earlier. It will be a year of discoveries for you and if you are observant enough, you would notice a whole new world of love emerge before you. Pay attention, your partner would be the one to reveal those things and hence they will matter the most.

#2 Taurus

Taureans are up for a roller-coaster love ride in 2018. While their relationships may remain with the same person, their emotions would see a world of change. There would be extreme highs and extreme lows in the relationship but the strength would not waiver. The year may be a difficult one but it will end up strengthening your relationship like never before. Be patient and try not reacting, your partner would be your biggest strength this year. Keep them very close.

#3 Gemini

Geminis would find their married lives reach epic heights. There’ll be the newness of thoughts and your partner would make extra effort to rejuvenate the relationship. Pay heed to their efforts and try matching them as well, your strengths would be built upon each other. And for those who aren’t married, there will be a change in what you want fro your partner. The year will bring maturity to your thoughts and the feeling of settling down would be high on your mind.

#4 Cancer

Finding new love would be extremely easy for Cancer, this year. It may be the year all the single Cancer people were waiting for as there are serious indications of pleasantness and romance on your cards. The thoughts of old and bitter love may fade away gradually and you would find more mental space to focus on your new love interest. Married couples may need to work a bit more to keep the bond strong. A vacation or a trip, just the two of you, would be highly advised to bring back the spark in your relationship.

#5 Leo

Leos will face a tough year in 2018. There will be clashes and there’ll be serious doubts about your relationship. They need to take this year as a litmus test for their relationships. The most important thing would be to talk to each other and build on that. If you do survive this year then it will remain with you for life. Also, it’s more about the team effort. You will need to work as a team to save your relationship and there’ll be nothing stronger than your bond if you do overcome the odds stacked against you this year.

#6 Virgo

Virgos would find themselves a bit pleasantly confused. For singles, there’ll be plenty of options coming up and for couples, both the partners would be looking to try something new in the relationship. There’ll be a newness in the way you see each other and in the way your relationship works. Support will matter the most and you will need to open up to your partners. But once you do, you would find brilliance and your love would only strengthen as the year goes by.

#7 Libra

For Libras, it will be a year where they might start seeing friendship in a different light. They may start realizing that the person most compatible with them had always been there, in the form of their friend. Sure, things may get a bit awkward but the end appears to be positive and liberating. Married couples may want to rethink their priorities, especially those who are too involved in their professions. Pay more attention to your partners, they may be drifting away.

#8 Scorpio

Scorpios may turn aversive to love itself, this year. Things might happen which would turn them away from love and they may even start hating the concept of love. Trying periods would be a regularity in your life this year but it takes a fire for the gold to glow. You would need extreme patience, trust, and some help from your close ones to keep your faith in love intact. Going away from love would only make you feel worse. Trust in yourself and stand steady, love will come again.

#9 Sagittarius

Sagittarians would need to work on their intimacy levels this year. While their relationships would not dwindle, the intimacy levels may fall. For a couple, therefore, intimate conversations, outings, activities etc. would be highly advised. For singles, on the other hand, intimacy would not be an issue because intimacy will find them. Be aware of new people coming in your life, one of them just may be it. Do not, however, force intimacy. Let it take its normal course and things will be perfect.

#10 Capricorn

Capricorns can just take a seat back, this year, and chill. Their hard-work in their love lives would start showing results and all the efforts you had put in before would bear fruit. For singles, too, the trying times may just about be over. A little positivity from your side and a little trust in the stars would bring beautiful gifts. You never know, your crush just may realize your value and get close to you or you may just find someone even better to match your craziness. Hope will matter, don’t lose it.

#11 Aquarius

Aquarian couples would find their relationships grow stronger. There will be tough times ahead (career, money etc.) but your love would always be around to give you their support. Help will come when you’ll need it and as you both go through a tough time, your intimacy levels would increase too. Singles, however, would need to face tough times alone for about half of the year. The latter part of the year is more inclined in their favor and as their problems would recede, they would also find new opportunities in love.

#12 Pisces

Pisceans would be favored by gods like none of the above. If there was something like a bounty of love, it would be showered on them. Couples would both find extreme happiness in each other’s company while singles would have a ton of options to choose from. Do not, however, get carried away for that may break a wonderful thing for you. Enjoy your year with your love but make sure you don’t hurt your partner, or it will return to hurt you in coming times. Give and receive equally and you’ll be set for your life.

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