8 Phrases Men Say When They Are Truly In Love

It’s usually considered that men are more straightforward and less wordy when they communicate. But, that’s just a stereotype and a social norm men are pressured to live up to. Because it’s seen as more macho to be serious, deadpan, and less verbal. The power of language, however, is that it acts as a medium that can be used to communicate what we hope to express, whether it’s washed over in cool shades of subtlety or is as bold and direct as fire.

Here are 8 phrases men generally say when they are really into you:

1. This reminded me of you.

This shows that even when the both of you are apart, something came up that made him think of you. His mind has began to create a nostalgia map of you where he’ll associate certain patterns, scents, symbols, and experiences to be pieces of you.

2. They give you a nickname.

When men give you a nickname, it’s a way of being playful with you. But, it’s also a way of being less formal and closer to you. By giving you a nickname, it breaks the ice and encourages the two of you to grow more comfortable with one another.

3. I can help you with that.

If he says this to you, it means that he wants to feel needed by you. Whether it’s offering you advice or physically helping you with something, if a guy is going out of his way to assist you, then he wants to show you that he’s reliable. Basically, he wants to make it clear that you can trust him.

4. I miss you.

By telling you that he misses you, it indicates that he feels deeply about you. This, however, is not the case if you only receive late night texts from him. But, if you’re away on vacation or a business trip, and he tells you that he misses you, then it goes to show that your absence is noticed and it affects him.

5. I’m here for you.

When a guy uses this phrase, it means that he wants to be a part of your life. It’s similar to when he says that he wants to help you, because he’s demonstrating his reliability. If he tells you that he’s there for you, then he’s encouraging you to let your walls down. This creates stronger bonding between you two, and takes away from the “me,” and transitions it to a “we.”

6. You’re beautiful.

If he’s naturally flirtatious and throws this phrase out too soon, then it means you’re probably not the only one he’s trying to make feel special. However, if he doesn’t comment on your physical looks all too often and is selective with giving out compliments, then he truly means it. In fact, it goes past how you look, and he means it both inside and out.

7. I’m worried.

If he tells you that he’s worried about something going on in his life, then it shows that he’s opening up and being vulnerable with you. By letting you in, it shows that he’s letting his guard down and trusts you. Or if the concern is something that’s directed towards you, then it also goes to show that he cares about you and only wants the best for you.

8. I like/love/am in love with you.

This is the most obvious one. By choosing to be bold and upfront using this phrase, it means that he’s willing to put himself in a position where feelings might not be reciprocated. And yet, he’s choosing to express his feelings freely towards you regardless, because you’ve left such a strong impression on him.

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