7 Types of Relationships That are Certainly Ruining Your Self-Esteem

Relationships are essential to our existence. Besides, we all need relationships to become a better version of ourselves. The right relationships could strengthen and direct us on the best choices to make. Yet the wrong relationships could be devastating and affect our self-esteem.

We should know the right relationships to be involved in. Being selective at the end of the day could save us a lot of heartache. Here are 7 types of relationships that could be ruining your self-esteem.

The One-sided relationship

This type of relationship consumes your energy and could be fatiguing. The time you spend in such relationships makes you scared and worried because you don’t want to upset or disappoint the other person. You want to give to them but they won’t help you improve your personality and make you a better person.  A relationship should be mutually beneficial or it could destroy your self-esteem.

A one-sided relationship doesn’t happen all at once, it gradually creeps in.  You could find yourself hanging out with their friends and only being in places they like, suddenly you find that your needs or plans are never a priority. Try to be in a relationship where there’s a balance.

A relationship of lost identity

Perhaps you have stopped doing those things you used to love or you have stopped going to cooking classes or you have stopped painting? When a relationship stops you from enjoying those things you loved doing or appreciating your abilities, then such relationship should be reviewed. This is a relationship where you gradually lose your identity and you don’t know who you really are anymore.

An overly subjective relationship

Nothing is clear or objective. Instead the other person does well to influence or control lots of aspects of your life. Every relationship deserves some healthy boundaries. But if someone is selfish or aggressively pushes for only what they want, you may need to review your relationship with them. To retain your self-esteem you deserve to have a voice in a relationship.

A loveless relationship

Every human deserves to be loved, tolerated or appreciated. Has the other person shown you affection or compassion in your time of need? When you are not loved or appreciated in relationship, certainly your self-esteem will be hurt.

A relationship where you are blamed

Yes some fights are natural and such disputes could help you discover new things about yourself. But you shouldn’t always be blamed for things going wrong. Everyone messes up and should be given a benefit of doubt. You shouldn’t always be assuming the blame in a relationship, this could lower your self-esteem.

A relationship where you are cheated on

People tend to want to gravitate towards relationships they can be secured. Even a relationship that is so secure could make you bored though. However when you are cheated on it becomes hard to feel secure in any relationship. Most times we want to feel protected and acknowledged in a relationship for our strengths. However someone could see you as a victim and want to cheat on you constantly. Such relationships simply bruise your self-esteem. You have to avoid relationships where you are cheated on.

A dishonest relationship

Not all relationships are what they seem to be at face value. Some are simply fake relationships where participants have to pretend to what they are not. A relationship should be authentic. If you want to get the best out of a relationship you have to assume honesty and realness, and expect the same from other persons involved as well. This way a relationship becomes solid and certain. A pretentious relationship would certainly hurt your self-esteem.

Via Archetypes.com