9 Physical Traits That Make You Attractive To Just About Everyone

There are a lot of reasons to find a person attractive. You may be drawn to their sense of humor or the way they carry themselves, or you could just really be into how they look. It’s hard to explain what exactly makes a person attractive, but researchers have definitely been trying to figure it out. A few studies have been able to pinpoint certain physical features that tend to be universally attractive though.

Attract. There are a lot things that tend to attract us to our crushes and mates. What is the first thing that attracted you to your partner or your crush? Was it their sense of humor? Maybe it was their confidence or wit?

Pinpoint. Honestly it could have just been that you really liked the way their face or body looks. It’s something that is incredibly difficult to answer. Trying to pinpoint exactly what is and isn’t attractive about a person can be really tough.

Puzzled. That’s where science comes in. Attraction is something that has long puzzled researchers as well. They’ve performed study after study trying to figure out the formula for it and reaching a partially inconclusive end.

Piece Together. But we can use their results to piece together that puzzle and get a pretty good idea of what makes a person attractive or not. Of course, attraction is subjective, but there are some people that others are just drawn to.

Best Results. We’ve found some of the best results from the various studies that have been done to give you a pretty good idea of what people oftentimes find attractive–and a lot of it is evolutionary. Read on to find out what they are.

Good Grooming. Signs showing that you take care of yourself and have good grooming habits are an attractive trait. This was discovered during a 1997 study that was published in Current Psychology journal. People tend to see those who groom themselves as strong and healthy–excellent traits in a person you’d procreate with.

Simplicity. Unlike the animal kingdom, humans tend to find more simple looks more attractive than extravagant peacocking. The male participants of 2016 French study found plain, symmetrical faces without distinguishing marks most attractive. Which leads us to…

Symmetry. Symmetry is something that tends to attract humans, regardless of gender, to their mates. It’s something that has been noted in multiple studies as well, including one published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior. Some scientists believe this may also be an evolutionary trait and shows someone has “good genes.”

Asymmetry. Okay, this may seem contradictory, but isn’t that exactly like humanity? Too much symmetrity–much like cake and ice cream–can be a bad thing and may make a person look a bit off. Plus many people, especially celebrities, that we tend to find attractive don’t exactly have symmetrical features.

Healthy Hair. Having hair that is shiny and full is incredibly attractive, and men tend to prefer women with long hair. The reason? It’s more evolution-y stuff. Healthy hair is a sign that someone is fertile and healthy themselves, which makes for a good partner to reproduce with.

Looking Older. Researchers coined the term the “George Clooney Effect” to describe how women are attracted to men who look older. A study published in a 2012 issue of the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology found that as women became more financially independent, the more attracted they are to older guys.

Smiles. Those of us with RBF aren’t seen as attractive as those with more cheery resting faces, according to multiple studies. Studies have also found that whiter teeth are more attractive as well. Apparently genuine smiles make a person appear more healthy which of course speaks to those animal instincts humans have to reproduce.

Facial Hair. More and more men are experimenting with their facial hair these days. Some researchers for a 2013 study decided to see what kind of look most people found attractive. According to the results heavy stubble, or roughly 10 days of growth, was the most attractive beard length for women. Clean shaven, beards, and light stubble were all equally less attractive.

Average Looking. The fact that people tend to find someone who could blend into a crowd was first realized during an 1878 study. Since then, another study that was published in the journal Human Nature found that average-looking faces may represent a diverse set of genes. This can give someone a genetic advantage when it comes to fighting off parasites or illnesses.

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