9 Physical Gestures Men Only Do When They Are In Love

How can you tell if a man is in love with you? Body language has been an object of study over the years and also a source of many myths or stereotypes and it is said that 93% of communication is non-verbal. There are gestures or movements that can be observed in a person who has physical attraction towards you, but a man in love will do things that it is impossible to miss. If your partner makes these gestures, it means that he is madly in love with you and you can jump from joy, because these signs are almost always right!

1. He plays with your hair and his

Not only do women touch their hair when they want to charm a man or simply like him, but men also tend to adjust their hair or touch their beards. Another sign that the men who are extremely in love show is when he plays with your hair. They love to make swirls with them and ruffle you a bit while doing it. If your boyfriend does this, do not get mad thinking he spoils your hairstyle! Be happy, because he wants to be close to you and touch you as much as possible.

2. He maintains eye contact and has dilated pupils

If his pupils are dilated every time he sees you, it is because he is extremely in love with you; this is thanks to the fascination he experiences and nervous pulse to the brain that appears when he is looking at something that interests him. A man who is captivated by you does not want to stop looking at you; one who is in love with you will never take his eyes off you… He cannot stop because he finds you beautiful and everything you tell him seems interesting. It is very easy to notice this type of behavior, men are simple and will only do what their mind tells them to do.

3. He raises his eyebrows

If he does this, he loves you! When men are attracted to a woman, they raise their eyebrows unconsciously while listening when she speaks. Nothing reveals their feelings more than this little gesture. It happens when something surprises them or they like it. If you will notice that he did it, smile to him because this is what he is expecting in return. When you talk with him, you will realize that he pays close attention to you.

4. He approaches you to speak with you

You might think it’s because he did not hear you very well, but the reality is that when men approach you to talk to you it’s because they want to be that close to you most of the time, and it’s clear that they have a great interest in you and want to show it. A man in love will always want to hug you or look at you and hear you as much as possible. After you know it, you can use a small technique to lower your voice a bit and he will have to lean even closer toward you. He likes you, so this does not bother him at all.

5. His body is tilted in your direction

Body language is extremely clear to read- if a man sits with his legs open in the woman’s direction, it is a sign that he is interested in that woman, it is a gesture that demonstrates the confidence and attraction he has for her. Another indication of his feelings is when a man is talking, he stays completely in front of you, without turning to any other sides. Based on this, you can tell that you are extremely attracted to him. Just as if his gaze goes directly to you when he speaks with you, it means that his interest is great in what you are talking about.

6. He touches your leg or hand discreetly

It is not an accident, it is a gesture that men make to provoke women so that they feel confident and do what they want. When they are chatting, laughing and at the same time touching your leg in a delicate way, it is because they are dying to touch you and be with you. This type of gesture is very flirtatious and we can always tell that the boy is interested in women based on the way he behaves with them. If you notice this type of movement in a man you’re just dating, it’s a good sign.

7. He smiles openly

If you see a smile from ear to ear on his face, it is obvious that he is happy to see you. His happiness is focused on you and only on you. It is said that men do not do this gesture (smile with their teeth) normally. They only do it when they are really enjoying someone’s company; in this case, looking at you makes them think about the good time they are going to spend with you. What you can do is to return the same gesture and the mood of the one who sees you. This is a good sign for a relationship and is a thing that will always be attractive.

8. He removes lint from your clothes

Men in love will always try to approach you, in every possible way. Being next to you is not enough for him, so it can be a fluff, a hair or anything you have on your clothes as the excuse to touch you! By doing this the man is saying that the less distance there is between you, the better. The same as talking to your ear, if he tells you a secret, it is because he cannot stay away from you for long. If you feel the same, you should be very happy with this relationship.

9. He whispers in your ear

If he whispers something in your ear, it’s not that he does not want people to listen, but he wants to be close to you. Speaking to your ear is a way of showing that he wants to tell you something special and just for you. It is a gesture of intimacy and he will do it as long as you are closer to him than anyone else. It is a sign that he shows to others as well. With this, he is trying to tell others that you are so close that you share secrets!

Via DazzlingNews