If You Have These 6 Rare Personality Traits You’re Probably An Introvert

by Fatema Mazher | MillionairesSayings

Would you rather make small talk with five strangers every day or go on a first date to a very loud and happening amusement park? If you’re having a hard time deciding, then you’re probably an introvert.


It’s in the nature of an individual to either be mostly extroverted or just as introverted. Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily equate to being a recluse or shy. It only means that social interactions make you release energy, instead of gaining it. Some introverts prefer solitude for the sake of recharging themselves. If you’re one of those people that like to take a break from the hustling world, be it for self-contemplation or just mere peace, you might possess these six personality traits that suggest you’re an introvert.


6. You’re particular about limits


For some people, when the circle decreases in size, it increases in value. These are individuals who maintain a level of distance between their friends and themselves only for an easier escape into solitude, whenever needed. It’s not like they get seriously upset when they are surrounded by too many people. They do like to socialize and maintain a pleasant demeanor at bigger gatherings but at the same time, they prefer smaller crowds of people they properly know. This is because meaningless interaction exhausts them as they have to put extra effort into it.


Self-contained people like these, are not only precise about social and physical boundaries but are also mentally more composed. They rarely open up to someone and, likewise, avoid intruding into another’s privacy. These boundaries that they set for themselves as well as others are very healthy as it helps in developing trust and mutual respect in relationships, making them stronger and more meaningful.


5. You understand the value of time




Time is a resource, extremely important for an introvert. Social interactions drain their energy. Knowing that most of one’s daily dealings depend upon mingling with people, introverts struggle to find ‘alone time.’ Introverts, thus, tend to be proactive and they try to use their time as productively and efficiently as possible.


Being proactive is a habit that makes them respect other peoples’ time as well. When they speak, they keep it brief and to-the-point. They genuinely appreciate it when someone takes time out to spend it with them. They also tend to avoid unnecessary and fruitless conversations – especially small talk.


4. You like your thoughts – even when you’re overthinking

Introverts think before they act, and that’s why they also spend relatively more time watching while learning something, before practicing it. They like to understand and analyze matters before coming to conclusions. Exercising with their mind so comprehensively can explain a lot about introverts. For instance, solitude helps with creativity and that may be why most writers are introverted. They also seem to get easily distracted because they pay attention to the minutest of details around them.

Thoughtfulness makes them an incredible friend. They will give tremendous value to your thoughts and are, therefore, great listeners.

3. You are usually very calm and composed

Introverts self-contemplate enough to exactly know their strengths, weaknesses and their wants. They don’t always go with the flow because first, they take a step back to understand it. Acting compulsively is not in their nature. They easily adapt to different surroundings or circumstances and don’t get too excited or panicked at any kind of abrupt changes. This attitude is very useful in keeping them together.

2. Your loyalty is the talk of the town


Since introverts avoid meaningless acquaintanceships, all of their relationships mean a lot to them. With only a handful of people allowed into their lives, they tend to stick up for each one of them simply because it’s easier to. However, they expect a return for their immense loyalty. Introverts go to unusual lengths to help their loved ones in times of hardship and they expect the same in return. When this fails to happen, they lose their regard for that person making their circle even smaller.

1. You love your solitude

Solitude is an introvert’s source of energy. In public, they don’t mind a bit of fun but once all of their energy is spent, they absolutely loathe any sort of intrusion during their time of recharge. For them, being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. They are at peace when they are by themselves because they are their own best friend.

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