Stolen Dog Immediately Runs To Its Real Owner When Brought Into Courtroom

What would you do if you lost your dog? It’s an extremely emotional time, that can be made even worse with thoughts of “what if.” What if they never return? What if they get hit by a car? What if someone steals them?

That last one is especially brutal because you might know your beloved pet is still alive, but you might not know how it is being treated. Worst of all, you know they aren’t with their rightful owner.

Our pets are closer than family. They are our best friends, soul mates, and those we love unconditionally. In return, they love us unconditionally as well…and it shows.

One perfect example of this comes to us from Judge Judy.

A couple who lost their dog discovered that someone had found it, only to sell it to someone else. The new, and incorrect, owner refused to give the dog back to who it rightly belonged to.

Heartbroken, the couple had no other choice but to pursue legal action, in hopes that justice would be served.

What ended up happening is a tear-jerker. The dog leaps with excitement when it sees its human dad, and the man cries with joy at seeing his lost companion.

Watch for yourself, but be warned, you’ll need some tissues.

By GKT for