10 Amazing Products Every Anti-Social Person Will Want

By Raven Fon

Maybe you’re anti-social – maybe you simply don’t like most human beings. Or perhaps you’re one of those people who just know that solitude is it’s own gift.

Whatever the reason, you’re not alone (even if you’d like to be). In fact, plenty of companies make products specifically for folks who would rather spend their time graced by their own presence instead of others.

1. “The bird” wrapping paper
Has someone pretty much forced you to go to a party? Do you have to bring a gift? Well here is the perfect passive-aggressive wrapping paper for you!

Wrapping paper to use when someone forces you to go to a party.

2. Explanation bracelet. 

Next time someone strikes up a conversation with you, just hold up your wrist and show them this bracelet.

A bracelet stamped with your *true* name.

3. The laptop sticker that will protect you from random conversations

If you’re out writing that novel at the local coffee shop, this should keep the fans away.

A laptop sticker to help you avoid small talk when you're working in a coffee shop.

4. The honest Larry David shirt

The shirt says it all. And it’s great for anyone who wants to let others know to just keep walkin’.

The perfect shirt for anyone who idolizes Larry David.

5. The hat to wear at every outdoor event

Now you never have to worry about someone asking you if you’ve “ever seen weather like this before”, or if you “know where the nearest hospital is.” Just turn around and look at the clouds. They’ll get the message.

A hat embroidered with one simple request.

6. The beautiful yet abrasive shirt

It’s okay, most people see a pretty bird and some flowers and ignore the rest. But hey, at least you can express how you really feel and still feel like the classy lady you are.

A tee that understands your personal hell.

7. An actual “escape” pod

“By creating an enclosed space HUSH provides a personal retreat, a luxurious escape into a dark, hushed, natural space in the midst of a busy hotel, airport, office or library.”

The perfect escape pod.

8. The ostrich pillow

Now you can bury your head (without sand) whenever you want!

An ostrich pillow that lets you hide your head in the "sand."

9. The cozy and cuddley bear pillow

For when you want to cuddle, but not with a person (or even with a person-shaped pillow).

A giant bear body pillow for those times when you actually want to cuddle.

10. Dogs > people pillow

Our last item on the list is something I would probably buy. Because, regardless of how much you like (or dislike) people, dogs are just awesome.

A pillow for anyone who prefers the company of canines.


These are some interesting products, to say the least. And even though I would not be inclined to add them to the few things I do own (except for the dog pillow as I previously stated), I know there are lots of people in the world who would probably love to have some of these. Personally, I am more the type of person who would see someone wearing the “leave me alone” hat, or the Larry David shirt an try to strike up a conversation.

“Oh hey, my friend would love that hat! She is not a fan of people, haha.  Can you believe this weather?” or “Wow I really like your shirt! I have a friend who is a big fan of his- where did you get it?” …yeah, I’m that person.

So be wary, even though you may buy these items, there are still people like me out there who share hippie vibes and will try to talk to you about stuff.

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