Texas Teacher Gives Seventh Grader ‘Most Likely To Become A Terrorist’ Award

Just before the summer vacation, many elementary, middle, or junior high school teachers hand out awards in the form of certificates to highlight their students’ talents and hard work throughout the year.

While 13-year-old Lizeth Villanueva, a seventh grader in an advanced learning program at Anthony Aguirre Junior High in Houston, Texas, wasn’t sure what hers would be for, she definitely wasn’t expecting what she got this week from her teacher. In fact, it would end up shocking everyone.

In what her teacher claims was a joke, she read aloud, “Most likely to become a terrorist,” and handed Lizbeth the award during the mock award ceremony while other teachers watched and even laughed.

Lizbeth wasn’t amused to say the least and says the teacher made it clear that she didn’t care about her hurt feelings.

The principal of the school apologized for the deeply offensive award, but Lizbeth’s mom thinks the teacher should face some kind of discipline. Lizbeth wants the woman fired for humiliating her.

For more information about this ridiculously cruel story, check out the video below.

(via Huffington Post)

I will never understand how a person, especially a teacher, could ever think it would be okay to call a student a terrorist. Share if you think the woman should be severely punished for what she did.

By Corinne Sanders | Viral-Nova