Wild Horses Line Up To Bid Farewell To Their Deceased Friend

by Karen Harris | ihearthorses

Horse lovers know that these gentle giants are amazingly sensitive and emotional. It’s just in their blood, as made evident by the touching video below.

Volunteers from the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group (SRWHMG) in Scottsdale, Arizona captured this stunning footage that followed the passing of a horse they called Clydette.

According to WLTX19, the mare died while giving birth. The foal got stuck, and even though the field team stepped in, she went into septic shock and passed away.

Afterwards, her band bid farewell to her body. Part of the caption that SRWHMG posted with the video reads:

Right after we moved away from her body, we witnessed how her band came and nuzzled her, after which the roan, her lead stallion, cried out for her very loudly. Shortly after that, they moved away from her body but stayed close.

Other bands heard that call and suddenly came out of nowhere and then knew exactly where the lifeless body lied, even while there were no other bands around when she passed.

“It takes a most highly intelligent species to understand and actually mourn death,” says the caption.

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