This mystic just predicted the exact date of World War 3 (in 2017), and everybody is losing it!

1. Horacio Villegas’ 2017 predictions are deadly!

Horacio Villegas’ 2017 predictions are deadly!

Don’t we just wish, if someone could tell us about our future, just so we could be well prepared? But, then how well can we prepare for something as big as a World War? And, if what this mystic has foreseen is true, then this year might be etched in the history.

2. Mystics around the world

Horacio Villegas, a mystic from Southampton, earlier predicted of Donald Trump’s electoral win for US Presidential elections; and that was not just what he predicted. Villegas also warned that it would be Trump, who would bring the world to see its next World War.

3. Nostradamus and Baba Vanga

Nostradamus and Baba Vanga

Mystics like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, who are already famous for successfully predicting events like Hitler’s rise, 9/11 bombing, 2004’s Tsunami, Diana’s death, etc., have now been joined by Horacio Villegas. Take a look, at what all he predicted for 2017:

4. Trump to attack Syria

Trump to attack Syria

Villegas foresees that 2017 would see devastating conflicts amid Russia, North Korea and China, which would be instigated by none other than US President Donald Trump. So, far this predication is already taking its shape….

5. Nuclear missile attacks by North Korea

Nuclear missile attacks by North Korea

Now this one is spooky; Villegas had a dream where he saw “balls of fire falling from the sky and hitting the earth”. He further said, “People would be running for their life and take shelters in strange countries and the destruction caused would be the worst devastation ever.” It seems that the recent nuclear missile testings held by North Korea were just preparations on that front.

6. World War 3 in 2017

Horacio Villegas predicts that this year, US would conduct several attacks over Syria, resulting in killing of Syrian President Assad, which would further trigger World War 3. Also, he says that the D-day would befall on the 100th anniversary of the Virgin Mary i.e. May 13 and would end on October 13, “The war is going to end, and the soldiers will soon return to their homes.”

7. Scary predictions for world

Villegas’ predictions have beaten any previous claims of Baba Vanga and Nostradamus, in terms of fear, terror and destruction caused by mankind. With North Korea launching its ballistic missiles and the growing terror in Syria, things are looking very scary, and it’s getting tougher by each day, to not believe in such predictions.

8. Here’s what Nostradamus predicted for 2017!

The 16th century French Seer has been widely known as the one who predicted the TRUTH. All his calculations for the world events, have until now came true. Nostradamus initially worked as a physician and dealt with healing drugs, before moving towards the occult (Knowledge of the hidden).

9. Financial hardship ahead for Italy

Great hardships are predicted ahead for the epicentre of European Union, Italy. The land may see bouts of unemployment and loans adding to the crisis. Nostradamus also predicted that the Italian banking system is heading into a grave danger, which is just the onset of troubles for the whole world. The country may experience the worst of its time ahead.

10. Ukraine and Russia for peace agreement

Ukraine and Russia for peace agreement

As indicated by Nostradamus, 2017 will see Russia and the Ukraine, coming to a concurrence– the terms of the understanding are vague as of now. The US will restrict the new détente; however, Germany and other EU individuals will grasp it. That is unique in relation to what has as of now happened and what we’ve perused in predominant press reports.

11. China heading to become new Superpower

China will make striking moves to cure the “monetary awkwardness” that the world is facing right now. As indicated by Nostradamus, its activities will have sweeping impacts. Will China turn into the new Superpower as Baba Vanga happened to foresee in the twentieth century? The previous decade, the thought of China turning into the world’s next superpower has gotten to be very nearly an idee fixe for worldwide legislative issues scholars.

12. Commercial Space Travel

Business space travel is the genuine article, however past orbital flights things will turn out to be exponentially more troublesome. The moon, space rocks and mining missions are impossible focuses inside the following two years.

13. North Korea & South Korea Merger

North Korea & South Korea Merger

The coming time will witness the merger of North Korea and South Korea. North Korea Supremo, Kim Jong-un will be deposed and shall seek for asylum in Russia. North Korea autocrat Kim Jong-un, has been branded more “cruel” and dangerous than his dad. The most youthful scion of the decision family which has overwhelmed North Korea for a long time acquired the administration of the “Majority rule People’s Republic” on 17 December 2011 upon the passing of his dad.

14. Predictions by Vanga

Predictions by Vanga

It may surprise you but rise of ISIS was predicted way back during late 80s. Shocked? But it’s true. A Bulgarian fortune teller who died 20 years ago warned of the rise of ISIS by claiming there would be a ‘great Muslim war’ in 2016. Know what more was predicted…

15. Great Muslim War

She foresaw a “great Muslim war” which would begin with the Arab Spring in 2010, play out in Syria and end with the establishment of a caliphate by 2043 with Rome at its epicentre. Her prophecies for the future are chilling. Here’s a look…

16. Global warming and Tsunami predictions

Global warming and Tsunami predictions

In the 1950s Vanga reportedly predicted how ‘a huge wave will cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water’. The mystic allegedly warned of climate change and the polar ice caps melting as far back as the 1950s. She warned of the effects of climate change by suggesting ‘cold regions will become warm… and volcanoes will awaken.’ ‘Everything will melt, just like ice,’ she added.

17. 9/11 terror attack on New York

In 1989, she is said to have made reference to the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. She once said: ‘Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. ‘ She added that ‘innocent blood will gush.

18. Barack Obama becoming President

The pensioner once predicted that the 44th US president would be African American – but she also warned that he would be the ‘last US president’. So, what does it mean for Trump??

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