15 Animals for Whom Nature Ran Out of Color

Life is full of many different, and often unusual, things. On account of models with white spots on their dark skin, the world learned about vitiligo. But does this affect animals as well?

Bright Side has put together a collection of some of the most unusual cases when animals have been affected by this rare genetic defect.

This cat was born with entirely black fur…

…as was this Rottweiler.

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Vitiligo is an illness which causes levels of the pigment melanin to unexpectedly fall.

White patches can appear at any age…

…leaving animals with a truly unique appearance.

Rowdy the Labrador looks a little like a superhero.

Whereas Tiloo looks like a dog from a Disney movie.

This giraffe has lost some of its spots.

A melancholic white elephant.

The white horse of legend.

Snakes are perhaps the most interesting case of all.

As long as modern science can’t find a cure for this problem, nature will continue to play its strange games with the color of certain animals.

But you have to admit, the effect is unbelievably beautiful!