This Electric Commuter Car For One Could Change The World, And It’s Being Unveiled Now!

By Raven Fon

If you haven’t heard about the SOLO from Electra Meccanica and all of it’s impressive qualities, don’t worry, the news is about to go live.

I was lucky enough to speak with the Head of Marketing for Electra Meccanica, John Holland, who shared some details about this incredible vehicle.

“The SOLO is an all-electric, single-passenger, commuter vehicle; not intended to replace your family car, but to supplement your driving experience. With approximately 80% of people commuting as a single passenger, why should anyone have to pay for the expense of transporting a 3,000+lb vehicle with only one person in the car?”

“The SOLO is designed as a commuter vehicle to get you to and from work and around town as needed at minimal expense. The lithium ion battery system utilizes 16.1 kW/h for up to 100 Mile range designed to fit the average commuter’s needs. Made of a lightweight aerospace composite chassis with a top speed of 80 mph and a battery system that requires only three hours of charging time from zero to fully charged on a 220 volt charging station, it’s practical, economical and environmentally friendly.”

The 2017 SOLO is set to be unveiled at the Luxury and Supercar Weekend event in Vancouver, where the world will learn about this potentially eco-changing electric car.

Electra Meccanica’s COO, Henry Reisner, says this in the company’s recent press relase, “It has appeal for driving enthusiasts, practical commuters and the environmentally conscious.”

“We believe the SOLO will become the commuter vehicle of choice for the masses. The vehicle is non­polluting, very economical to operate and people will have a heck of a good time driving it too.”

The vehicle is lightweight due to its aluminium drive-train and chassis made from composite aerospace material, and weighs roughly 1,000lbs. That, combined with a drag coefficient of .24 (which is less than a Corvette or a Porsche 911), gives the SOLO owner a unique and fun driving experience.

“Because the SOLO’s origins were born from custom coach builder Intermeccanica, we know that interior craftsmanship is key to the driving experience. The SOLO’s cabin offers outstanding appointments inclusive of an LCD digital instrument cluster, AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth/USB connectivity, and adjustable seating configurations. Creature comforts include heating, optional air conditioning, window defogger and a ventilation system as well as power windows, remote keyless entry and a rear view backup camera,” cites the press release.

Topping out at 130kph (80mph), the SOLO will be available for purchase for around $15,500USD. You can preorder the SOLO or the Super SOLO here.

All images via Electra Meccanica | Information via Electra Meccanica Press Release

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