Colour Sensitivity Test: Are You As Blind As A Bat, Or As Sharp As A Hawk?

By Raven Fon

Having an avid curiosity for all things science-y, I started wondering about colour sensitivity and how different people perceive colours differently.

After browsing for a bit, I stumbled across this eye test from iGame, which can tell you how sensitive to colours you are, as well as which animal closely relates to your vision spectrum.

If you don’t know what colour sensitivity is, let me break it down for you:
“Colour sensitive” people are able to perceive more colours, in terms of tint and shade, then the rest of the world. If you know someone who would freak out over the wrong shade of cyan on the walls, then they would probably fall into this category. If you were to respond to that person with, “Are you crazy? They are the same shade of greenish blue!” then you may be sensible, but certainly not color sensitive.

Live Science reports that we can see colours because of “cone cells” in our retinas that respond to incoming light. The 3 kinds of cone cells perceive red, green, and blue, individually. Every other colour you see is a result of your brain using improvisation and combination of the lights sensed by the 3 main cone cells. Actually, about 3% of women have a 4th type of cone cell, which is referred to as “tetrachromacy,” so they can see more colours than the rest of the world.

So let’s get to the test!

First, you’ll read the instructions.

Then, you will start the test, which looks like this.

They get increasingly more difficult.

At the end, you can compare your score with the colour sensitivity spectrum of these animals.

The final question was pretty difficult, so I didn’t get it right.

But, I’ll settle for Hawk.

What did you get? Let us know in the comments!

h/t Bustle