An Elephant Died So The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Could Have Elephant Leather Seats

By Raven Fon

I want to start by saying that any animals bred for food are not endangered- like chicken and cattle. But the elephant is not bred for food, and it is endangered. In fact, according to the World Wildlife Fund, 3 species of elephant are classified as vulnerable, 3 are endangered, and 1 is critically endangered.

That being said, Carlex Design had the brilliant idea to use elephant leather for its seats on the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Carlex Design received a number complaints about this news and has even changed their website since others have reported on the topic. Here is an image before:

(via Cached View).

And here is the Carlex Design website for the elephant skin Dodge Challenger Hellcat after:

And as an added bonus, you can also get Shark skin.

Finally, Carlex Design gives an explanation:

“On behalf of Carlex Design company We would like to inform you that all the leathers used by Carlex Design in car interiors’ implementations possess all necessary and required by law certificates. Especially when it comes to the leathers sourced from animals not considered as farmed, each and every supplier that cooperates with Carlex Design is required to provide appropriate paperwork to certify their origin based on the applicable European law regulations.”

It’s admirable that the paperwork is approved and legitimate, but it’s still skin of an elephant on their seats.

Carlex Design has issued the following statement on Facebook.

While they may feel that they’ve spent too much money on this to consider it a loss, what Carlex Design fails to realize is that this sort of merchandising is only furthering the desire and demand for such unethical, and unsustainable items.

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