Cover Your Cat’s Backside With Bling!

When I first heard about Twinkle Tush, I thought it sounded rather sinister. You can cover your cat’s rear exit point with sparkly bits? Does it involve glue- is something…inserted? This sounds awful!

Relax. It’s nothing as horrific as all that. Clearly, I have watched too many cartoons, and need to learn that not every animal product is made by ACME.

So what is the Twinkle Tush?

Essentially, it is a cat butt cover. Imagine a necklace for your cat’s tail, whose pendant gracefully covers the …anus. (It’s really hard to try and make this sound nice while using words like “anus.”)

The Twinkle Tush website gives more humourous information on this creative invention:

Have you ever thrown a respectable cocktail party at your home only to have your feline family member come out and proudly display their uncovered rear? While kitty might enjoy showing off their brown eye, we’re sure your guests don’t like to see that one eyed monster while munching on their caviar. Give your cat some class. Hang a Twinkle Tush from their tail and cover that butt in bling.

You can purchase the blue shiny circle on a string for $5.99, plus $1.50 for shipping. You’ll even get a free sticker to proudly display your ingenious purchasing decision.
They claim that even though you can really buy this for your cat, it is a gag gift. But how can it be a gag gift when they bring up such valid points like this:

Does your cat have ongoing battles with paparazzi? Are you worried about revealing photos being taken of them? Those vultures are just waiting to take a photo of your kitty’s bare behind. Are you going to let your Mr. Whisker’s uncovered butt show up in tomorrow’s paper? Spare Mr. Whiskers the embarrassment. Give him a Twinkle Tush.

The video below shows the Twinkle Tush in action.

All images and video via Twinkle Tush | Featured image source

By Raven Fon

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