Australian Woman Is Creating Indigenous Versions Of Barbie And Bratz Dolls

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Lorna Munro, an ordinary woman from Sydney, is creating indigenous Barbie and Bratz dolls by restyling these beauty-iconic toys. She is removing their impractical makeup and turning them into something that young girls can relate to.

Munro noticed the lack of diversity among these dolls and made up her mind to change this long ongoing trend. Lorno is determined to convince her children, nieces and nephews that they are beautiful just the way they are.

This Australian woman is struggling to change the trend and concept of beauty altogether; to offer diversity and indigenous variation.

Munro started her aboriginal movement by giving her indigenous dolls to her nieces and friends. As soon as she noticed that there is a demand for her beautiful creations, she started a small business and named her collection ‘Lorna’s Tribe’.

Munro claimed on her social media site that Lorna’s Tribe celebrates different shades of being black. She said that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and people need to embrace this fact! She was disappointed when she noticed her people looking down upon themselves and not seeing the beauty of their color.

‘It is scary to think that our children and nephews and nieces do not see beauty in their own reflections, Today’s society has misguided our people with so many toxic views of ourselves that loving yourself can be seen as a radical action… NEVER forget how beautiful you are.’

Munro has a large order-in-demand waiting list to be delivered. People are completely falling in love with her culturally appropriate dolls. The toys are fashioned when she buys them. She then restyles their dressing with indigenous patterns accompanied with a native flag on them.

This creative woman is really happy and satisfied with her work. She believes that it’s important for young girls to feel that they can relate to something. And she is delighted that her dolls reflect that.

Lorna's Tribe: Sydney-based woman, Lorna Munro, has made a name for herself be re-styling traditional Barbie and Bratz dolls into gorgeous, indigenous creations (pictured) Personalised: She calls the range 'Lorna's Tribe' and explains that 'we are all beautiful in the colour that we have been born in'
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