Planet Earth Has A Flag, And Here It Is!

Oskar Pernefeldt has come up with something that will help define us as one entity- a flag for Earth. The purpose? Well, it’s rather simple and beautiful. We travel through space, we go to different satellites and planets and we explore. Yet we do this with insignia from various countries which reflect different boundaries and zones. When in fact, we are all from the same place; we are all from Earth. Pernefeldt has designed an Earth flag for this reason. According to his website,

“Expeditions in outer space use different national flags depending on which country is funding the voyage. The space travelers, however, are more than just representatives of their own countries. They are representatives of planet Earth. [The purpose is] to remind the people of Earth that we share this planet, no matter of national boundaries. That we should take care of each other and the planet we live on.”

The design of the flag is a minimalist one, but beautiful and meaningful as well. There are seven rings in the center of the flag, all forming a flower, which is a symbol of the life here in Earth. The seven rings are linked together, representing everything being connected either directly or indirectly. The background is a vibrant blue meaning to show how water is a major part of our planet and its importance for life.

Here you can see what this flag would look like in neighborhoods, sporting events, and as part of an astronaut’s space suit:

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And here is a video of the construction of the Earth FlagĀ via the website:

Written by Raven Fon