African Billionaire Murders 20 Elephants During Outrageously Expensive Birthday Bash

20 African elephants were slaughtered by a young heir and his drunk friends during a $200 million birthday bash.

Most people celebrate their birthday by going out with friends and family members, eating cake, and opening presents. Such wouldn’t be nearly good enough for Jalabnanke Babawatke, apparently.

The 20-year-old son of African billionaire and oil tycoon Mamalouke Abamknamole Babawatke, and sole heir to the Babawatke fortune, recently flaunted his riches in an incredibly controversial way when he held one of the most expensive – and deadly – birthday bashes ever.

On the day of his birthday party, 20,000 guests were treated to the world’s greatest DJ’s – including David Guetta and rain Van Buren. A concert was also held for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, reports WorldNewsReport. 

It was after he was surprised with a Tiger Attack Helicopter that the drunk young man and his friends decided to get into some real trouble.

Local Somali news relays that Babawatke told the pilot of the helicopter that he wanted to shoot some elephants. Reportedly, refusing wasn’t an option, therefore, the pilot passed over the Somalia and Kenyan international border.

When he was questioned about the barbaric incident, he stated:

“There is no way I was going to find elephants in Somalia and my orders were to escort him to wherever he wanted, so we went to Kenya.”

Babawatke traveled to the Boni National Reserve situation in the Eastern Province of Kenya, only a few miles away from his party. In less than an hour, he and other drunk friends slaughtered twenty elephants.

“After 45 minutes, no less than 20 elephants had been slaughtered in sheer amusement by the birthday boy and two of his guests.” 

The pilot nonchalantly told reporters that, “They were pretty drunk, but were very polite.”

“I guess boys will be boys,” he added.

Understandably, animal right activists and conservationists are outraged by this news. Not only did the arrogance result in 20 African elephants – and endangered species – dying, it created international malaise between two countries whose relationship is already tense.

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