When They Go Out To Eat, This Is The Tipping Trick One Couple Uses

Trust me, if you have ever worked as a waiter or waitress, this “tipping trick” will anger you to your core.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever worked as a server of any kind, but I have for a few years, and if a couple tried to pull this on me, I would have told them to leave. I think that a little bit of “gtfo” is warranted if someone tries this tipping ‘trick’ but imagine this being what you and your wife have always talked about? How sad..

Not a dream house or the perfect vacation but dangling 5 dollars in front of another human being for entertainment. First of all, where did you take your wife out that a 5 dollar tip is covering? Some big spender right there.

As you can see from the description, this is not something a respectable human would do to another human being. Seriously.

Like what is wrong with these two that this is their source of entertainment?

In all honesty, those two miserable souls probably deserve each other. If this guy truly believes this is the way to get the best service of his life I feel bad for him.

Wouldn’t be surprised if their food had a few extra special ingredients in it, because I know how these things work. Do NOT piss off your waiter/waitress. I have a feeling he’s not eating in the finest of establishments if his waiters mess up five times a meal.

I suppose my real question is, “who hurt you?” What happened in your past that makes you think this is the way to treat someone?

Imagine going out to have a nice meal with someone and you see them pulling this stunt? You’d either have to get up and leave immediately, or do what I would do, which is give them an earful of how horribly unfair and rude they are being.

I know how the internet works and my fingers are crossed that this doesn’t become a trend by teasing your server with tip money – it isn’t funny or cool. If anything it speaks volumes about how much of a jerk you are. Especially if you’re doling out a 5 dollar tip, but shame on this couple for being awful people. Here’s to hoping they see the reactions and comments from others and realize what a horrible thing they have been doing.