This Guy Used Tinder To Swindle Millions Of Dollars From His Dates

One man who posed as the son of a multi-millionaire is currently on the run from the law after he scammed multiple women that he met through Tinder.

He used the money to fund his “lavish” lifestyle.

The Times Of Israel reports Simon Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut, pretended to be the son of multi-millionaire Lev Leviev and scammed multiple women from Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Hayut met his victims through the dating app Tinder and took them on lavish dates to feign romantic interest.

After taking the women on multiple dates, Hayut would sell a story about security issues in reference to his business and asked his dates for money.

Hayut also had a fake bodyguard and business partners to make his story sound convincing. One of the victims, Cecilie Schrøder Fjellhøy, says Hayut asked her for thousands of dollars and took out a loan at one point because he maxed out her credit card.

He also used a fake TD Bank loan statement as “proof” that he paid back the money he owed her. During an interview with Verdens Gang newspaper, Hayut swindled Fjelløy out of 2.1 million Norwegian Krones(244,000 USD).

The swindler allegedly used the money to pay for pilot lessons and scammed a student by investing in a non-existent business deal.

This isn’t the only story to make headlines about jerks on Tinder.

Recently, one man decided to swipe right, and match with one woman, just so he could tell her that he was way out of her league. Can you imagine?

Connor told the woman to “be humble” and “stay in [her] league,” and said that “females were full of themselves.” Luckily, she had enough confidence to let Connor know that she didn’t much care what he thought about her.

Speaking to Elite Daily, the woman said,

“What I want people to know at the end of the day [is that] it’s more important to be known for being a kind person or an intelligent person or loving and caring rather than what I look like. Being called fat hurts, but there are worse things I could be called, and I know that I bring to the table a lot more than he will ever realize because I treat people kindly, with love and respect, regardless of their appearance.”