According To Experts, These Are The Countries That Will NOT Survive Climate Change

Although some politicians deny the evidence of climate change, the Earth has already begun to manifest the consequences of the what some call the ‘greenhouse effect.’

The rise in temperatures has caused the melting of the poles, raised the ocean levels and caused an imbalance in the different ecosystems of the planet. But the biggest problem is that the consequences of this disaster will not affect all parts of the planet equally, but the least polluting ones will suffer the largest catastrophes.


1. America (the least affected)


While it is well known that one of the biggest polluters on the planet is the United States, because of its infrastructure, its organization and its almost unlimited response capacity, they would do very well in relation to climate change. The same would be for its neighbor, Canada, although Greenland would get the best result, perhaps because of its proximity to the North Pole. Unfortunately, the rest of the continent would not be so lucky, saving only Chile and Uruguay from South America.



2. America (the most affected)


While the risk of the rest of America is certainly high, Bolivia and Guatemala are likely to be the ones who would suffer major disasters because of the precarious infrastructures they would have to face in the event of a climate crisis and its different political pressures. It is worth remembering that, in reality, their neighbors cannot boast of having an incredible capacity for a defense plan, because they are in the second position in terms of the most unprepared regions.


3. Europe (the least affected)


The quality of life, economic stability and superior response capabilities of the continent put some countries in the region in relative peace. The United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, and Finland will be directly in the best position imaginable, without having to even change their situation. Despite this, some regions can be exposed to the dangers of climate change.



4. Europe (the most affected)

Due to some conflictive situations, such as civil wars, economic crises or dictatorships, that has left a heavy scourge on their territories, areas such as Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro, among others, will suffer the consequences more harshly. Possibly, they will eventually receive the support of their more fortunate neighbors, but they might experience mass evacuations in search of greater and better opportunities.

5. Asia and Oceania (the least affected)

Another of the great ironies of the world happens to China because although it is by far the most polluted country in the world, it is also one of the richest nations on the planet. Despite this, only the inhabitants of South Korea will be in a comfortable position (that’s if a war with their neighbor does not start) and Japan, in addition to the United Arab Emirates. Although Asia is the largest continent on the planet, its diversity continues to show very strong differences; on the one hand, the development of some countries is above average while others touch the third world. In the case of Oceania, Australia and New Zealand would not notice any change.

6. Asia and Oceania (the most affected)

Again, wars are the main trigger, although the current ecological situation also is an influence. In Afghanistan, a territory whose economic activity is very limited, the ability to respond to new catastrophe scenarios would be great. Burma, with its political crises and corrupt governments, driven by illicit business and human rights violations, would be a difficult place to survive in the event of such events. Other regions, such as Iraq, would also be exposed. For Oceania, we can only highlight Papua New Guinea, which would be the only one that would suffer a severe deterioration in contrast to its healthy neighbors.

7. Africa (the least affected)

This is possibly the poorly prepared of all continents, since only Botswana has a surprisingly large increase in per capita income and a huge investment in its own citizens, in education, health, and research. And it has become one of the most coveted from Africa. But despite this, she continues to have extreme poverty around her, which keeps her in the position of the best survivor. Unfortunately, data from the rest of the continent is more than disturbing.

8. Africa (the most affected)

The constant wars over the huge natural reserves that still exist on the African continent are responsible for the misery of the place. This generated an almost direct association with the third world and total lack of possibilities to face situations during an extreme crisis. It would be virtually impossible to highlight any particular country, although they may be among the least polluting on the planet.

9. The planet

Although some of our countries may be on one side or the other of the barrier, it is undeniable that the consequences suffered by either region will cause dangerous situations that will eventually affect humanity in the long run. Therefore, it is an important task to fight and to defend the planet’s conditions, always seeking to protect it from the effects of deforestation, pollution and the destruction of natural ecosystems.

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