How To Appear Instantly More Intelligent, Using Only Your Eyes

Recent research proves that using your eyes is the fastest way to project a higher IQ.


Maintaining eye contact while talking may be difficult for some people, but research finds it is one of the easiest ways to appear smarter.


Other common ways to appear smarter include speaking pleasantly, clearly and quickly. In other words, smile or use kind expressions when speaking, and use concise wording which avoids terms like “umm,” “uhh,” “sure,” and “stuff.”


The handy tip comes from a study in which people were recorded while trying to act smart discussing an assigned topic.


The results were then compared to people who were given no instruction about how to act.


Judges viewed the video and rated the participant’s apparent intelligence.




Overall, the judges determined that maintaining eye contact while speaking was rated as giving the smartest appearance.


Indeed, intelligence tests revealed that people who maintained eye contact were actually smarter!


The study’s authors conclude:


“Looking while speaking was a key behavior: It significantly correlated with IQ, was successfully manipulated by impression-managing targets, and contributed to higher perceived intelligence ratings.”

Along with more eye contact, other ways of appearing more intelligent are listed by the study’s authors:

“…pleasant speech style, clear or easy-to-understand communication, and faster speech rate all have been associated with higher perceived intelligence ratings.”


1. If you can discuss or argue a point without insulting someone else.

People who can argue points without offending other people – and without ‘digging in’ and ignoring other viewpoints – tend to be more intelligent.

Dr Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, says, ‘ When you approach a disagreement with emotional intelligence it has the opposite effect—it strengthens the relationship by showing the other person that you respect him or her, even when you don’t agree with his or her opinion.’

A neurological study conducted by Jason S. Moser of Michigan State University has shown that the brains of smart people actually react differently to mistakes.

2. If you have a dark sense of humour.

Research from the University of Vienna showing that sick joke fans tend to score higher on verbal and nonverbal intelligence.

The researchers got 159 adults to rate ‘sick’ cartoons – and then measured them using standard intelligence and psychological tests.

The researchers write, ‘These results support the hypothesis that humour processing involves cognitive as well as affective components and suggest that these variables influence the execution of frame-shifting and conceptual blending in the course of humour processing’

3. You’re lazy and/or messy.

Physical laziness, or messiness, might actually be a sign that someone is a deep thinker, a new study has suggested.

Researchers from Florida Gulf Coast University rated 60 volunteers using a ‘Need for Cognition’ test – dividing them into ‘thinkers’ and ‘non-thinkers’. They then monitored their physical activity for a week – and found that the ‘non-thinkers’ tended to be much more active than the thinkers.

The researchers write, ‘High-NFC individuals seem more content to “entertain themselves” mentally, whereas low-NFC individuals quickly experience boredom and experience it more negatively. ‘The relationship between cognition and physical activity is an important question for the human experience, and the interaction likely extends across the lifespan.’