The Late Dolores O’Riordan’s Final Performance With The Cranberries Will Give You Goosebumps

The Cranberries’ lead singer Dolores O’Riordan’s death has come as a shock to many fans, especially if you grew up hearing their hit singles in the 90’s. The late singer was adored by many for her unique voice and powerful songs such as “Zombie” and “Linger,” which continue to play on radio stations worldwide and frankly, never grow old.

The singer recently gave her last performance of The Cranberries’ top hits at the Billboard Music Group’s 2017 Holiday Party in New York City, and the video footage┬áis definitely giving us chills.

Dolores was in London for a short recording session and had been suffering from back problems, which led to the cancellation of the band’s summer shows last year. Fans of the popular Irish band were devastated but hoped that Dolores would have a quick recovery.

A social media post from June, 2017 from The Cranberries reads:

“thecranberries Thanks for the many good wishes to Dolores posted on our social pages since the announcement of the cancellation of all our Summer shows up to mid August due to her ongoing back problem. There have been some comments suggesting that Dolores could perform if she sat while singing. Unfortunately it is not as simple as that. Dolores’ back problem is in the mid to upper area of her spine and the breathing and diaphragmatic movements associated with singing put pressure on the muscles and nerves in that area and exacerbate the pain. Sitting does not give any relief and at times in her case it can actually worsen the pain. Please be assured that we would not have cancelled these shows if there was any way that Dolores could perform them. We are extremely disappointed that we have had to do so and again sincerely apologise to all affected and hope to get back to see you all at some time hopefully in the not too distant future when Dolores has recovered”

The cause of Dolores’ death is still unknown, which adds to the shock since The Cranberries recently performed at a holiday show at the end of 2017, just a month before her passing.

Her final performance of “Linger” and “Zombie” was thankfully captured on film, and we have included the video below for you to enjoy. Knowing this was her last performance immediately gave us goosebumps…and yes we cried.

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