Mother Saves Baby From House Fire In True Act Of Love, Then Dies Moments Later

There’s no love quite like a mother’s love. From the moment we’re born, our mothers love us unconditionally. Here, one mother’s love for her child was put to the test when she and the infant were caught in a fire in the apartment they lived in. In an attempt to save her daughter’s life, she strapped her up into a car seat and dropped her from the window of her second-floor apartment, saving the baby from the flames that were quickly spreading. As a result, the mother wasn’t able to get out herself, and died from smoke inhalation. Despite her tragic death, the woman is being hailed as a hero.

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Tragedy. Shelby Carter had just celebrated her 21st birthday the day before a tragic accident took her life. However just before her death, she committed an act of heroism that many might never have the guts to do— she saved her infant daughter’s life by tossing her out a second-story window.

Death. Carter’s death has shaken the small town in Chicago where she lived with her fiance, daughter, and mother. Made up of just over 1,000 people, everyone seemed to know Carter and had only good things to say about her. While it’s a miracle her child survived, the town is left with a bittersweet taste in their mouths.

Investigation. Police are still unclear how the fire was started, although they are still investigating. According to those who responded to the scene, the entire house was engulfed in flames while baby Keana Davis, who was just 12 days old at the time, sat resting beside the home in her car seat. She had relatively no injuries and was released from the hospital shortly after being rushed to the emergency room.

Quick thinking. It’s unclear how long Carter and her baby were in the home before she realized it was on fire, but despite everything that was going on around her, Carter was able to think quickly enough to save her daughter’s life. She strapped her into a car seat and tossed her outside the window, likely hoping for the best. Police found her body in the second story bedroom where she lived; she’d died of smoke inhalation, reports CNN.

Miracle. “It’s just incredible that she was able to pull her thoughts together to save her baby. It’s just too bad she couldn’t save herself, but I’d say it’s nothing short of a miracle the way it ended up,” firefighter Ed Foglesonger told the Washington Post.

Fundraising. Friends and family have set up a GoFund Me account for Carter’s family, which has raised almost $37,000 in the six days it’s been active. People from all over the country have donated not just money, but clothes, diapers, and anything else baby Keana might need. The family plans to use most of the funds to set up a trust for Keana, according to the fundraising page.

Great mother. Friends who knew Carter had nothing but good things to say about her. Despite having only known her daughter for 12 days, she’d been a great mom. According to her social media posts, she enjoyed every minute of being a mother and was “proud of her babygirl,” according to a family member. She’d graduated from high school just a few years before and was working towards a career as a pharmacy technician.

Intelligent. ”She was very, very smart. I think people underestimated that about her because she was quiet and she wasn’t one to make herself the center of attention. She stayed back in the crowd and did her work and got stuff done on the court and in the classroom. She was very task-oriented,” Anna Steelman told the Washington Post.

A natural. While juggling school and motherhood, Carter was also working as a nail technician, and reportedly loved playing basketball in her spare time. She also had a love for children and had even started babysitting at a young age. She was a natural mother to baby Keana.

Strong. “She was a strong girl and if she had a task she would get it done, even if it meant sacrificing herself. She’s a hero and we’re all very proud of her,” said Steelman, as reported by the Washington Post.

Others. Sadly, this hasn’t been the only fire that has ended in tragedy this year. In January, an eight-year-old was also hailed as a hero after she pulled her two siblings out from a fire that took the lives of six other children, also siblings. It’s unclear how the fire started in the Baltimore home, but it left the home unrecognizable.

Nothing to be done. The fire had been so bad, that there was little anyone could do by the time help arrived. “We did everything we could, Chief,” said one firefighter who responded to the scene. “I know you did,” replied the Chief. Even neighbors tried to help, but the flames were so powerful that they even melted part of a nearby car, reports People.

Recovering. The childrens’ mother, Katie Malone, was said to be in intensive care at the local hospital, along with her two sons. The eight-year-old was said to have been released from the hospital. Their father wasn’t at home at the time of the fire, and was heartbroken to hear the news of his family. A GoFund Me has been set up to help the family through this very difficult time.

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