12 Universal Traits All Open-Minded People Have Whether They Know It Or Not

You don’t have to be a radical Liberal to be considered open-minded. Open-minded people are accepting, susceptible to change, and willing to try new things. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘I’ll try anything once – twice if I like it.’ This is your anthem.

Here are some sure signs that you are a progressive thinker who is open minded:


1. You are curious.


DIfferences intrigue you. Learning about another culture, hearing someone’s stance on a particular political issue, or watching a controversial movie are all things that you could be found doing.


2. You try new things.


Even if new things intimidate you, you try them anyways: a sport that you’ve never played, some wacky food like bone marrow or caviar, or a new genre of music that you used to hate. If you don’t like it, hey, at least you tried!


3. You enjoy learning new things.


If you don’t know how to do or make something, you will let someone teach you. Learning new things is exciting, and hey, isn’t it pretty cool to be a Jack of all trades?


4. You listen.


Even if you don’t agree with someone’s point of view, you hear them out. They obviously feel strongly about their perspective, so you give it a chance.


5. You have your own opinion but it’s not the only opinion.

And even if you still don’t agree with it, you don’t shut it down. You understand that everyone has the right to an opinion.

6. You have respect for other people’s beliefs.

You could be severely for or against a certain issue, but still understand that not everyone is going to feel this way. And that’s okay. You will not try to persuade people to believe in your beliefs. They can make their own decisions.

7. You don’t gossip.

Other people’s drama doesn’t interest you. Talking about their problems won’t make your problems go away, so you decide to focus more on yourself.

8. You don’t judge a book by its cover.

Did you ever think that the liberal-vegan-thriftstore-organic hippy would be your friend? How about the conservative-straight-laced financier? The only reason you’re friends with them both is because you didn’t write them off when you first met them.

9. You don’t label people.

You would never refer to your vegan-thriftstore-organic-liberal friend as your vegan-thriftstore-organic-liberal friend. These words were just used for emphatic purposes.

10. Race is just a color.

You don’t have black friends, or white friends, or asian friends. You just have friends.

11. And age is just a number.

You understand that you can learn something from people of all ages: the 5 year-old boy you babysit, or your 50 year-old neighbor. Everyone is on a different path, and how boring it would be if we weren’t!

12. You don’t mind being different.

You’d rather be a Bird of Paradise or a Snapdragon flower over a wallflower, anyday.

Via PuckerMob

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