This Video Explains Why ‘You Are Not Depressed’

Probably the best video I’ve seen with how to view your state of “being depressed.”  The state of depression is an experience, but YOU are not depressed.

Emotions like sadness or depression are temporary (and sometimes these emotions linger longer than we’d like them to).  But they are temporary…and YOU are constant.

The problems we experience feel harder when we identify with what is temporary.  By identifying with these temporary states of depression and sadness, it also becomes more difficult to shift away from them. This concept is life changing, if you understand it.

You can feel depressed, sadness…frustration…but you are not that those things.  You simply process those temporary states of emotions.  Those feelings come and go.

YOU will always be here.

Prince Ea’s video explains this concept in the most healing way.  Listen to this 3 minute video and realize how amazing and great YOU ARE.  YOU are greater than anything that comes and goes.

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Via OneWiseLife