This Simple Test Will Show If You Need To Change Something About Your Life

There are times when we are not sure where we are heading, or if the path we are on is the right one. It’s normal to have those doubts and worries. After all, we all want the same thing- to be happy.

Although we might not be consciously aware of what is missing, or what needs to change, or subconscious is always “in the know.” This simple test will help you to determine what, if anything, needs to be changed in your life.

You can thank your subconscious later.

Take a look at this image. What is the very first thing you noticed? If you noticed more than one thing, try closing your eyes and focus on one aspect of the image you just saw. What do you remember most? Go with that answer.

If you first noticed…

1. The Cage.

Sometimes you feel lost. It’s like you have been walking in circles and talking to brick walls lately. You feel that something or someone is holding you back, but you just can’t pinpoint what (or who) it is. Stop allowing outside influences to affect you so greatly. This is your life, and it’s time to start living it how you want. Cast off those shackles, and spread your wings- it’s time to fly!

2. The Lumberjack.

In life, it seems as though you chop through problems without hesitation. Any issues that come your way are tackled, head first, and there usually isn’t much thought put into it. This can have unpleasant consequences. Although you do take full responsibility for your actions, it would be nice not to have to apologize so often. Think before rushing into things, and be patient with what life brings your way. Life is short, but if you race through it, you’ll miss the best parts.

3. The Trees.

The trees are a symbol of growth and prosperity. You seek knowledge, advice, and guidance from those you look up to, and are constantly growing as a person. You are goal-oriented and feel better about yourself when a task has been accomplished. Learn to enjoy the small things in silence, as much as you enjoy the things you work hard for. It’s great to have ambitions, but try not to let them rule your life.

4. The Path.

The path represents movement, progress, and confidence. This means you set your sights on something and refuse to let anything distract you from your path. You’ve set a course for a certain destination and make no time for anything or anyone that may tempt you to do otherwise. Remember that you’re not living this life alone, and there are those who are walking a similar path as you. Let them walk beside you sometime and you’ll realize how nice it can be to have a trusting friend.

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