Using All Those Awful Life Lessons To Help Others

We have all gone through something that made us who we are today. Whether it was something awful or something truly painful, those experiences can help others.

Have you ever seen someone crying and said “I wish I could help them”, or watched the news and saw a story that made you think of something you have been through? Well, we can help them, and we can use what life has thrown our way to make a difference in someone’s world.

Society, the world as a whole, has shifted towards experiencing pain and suffering and the other ┬áside of the spectrum wants you to ignore seeing both of those things being experienced. But that’s hard for some of us. Call us empaths or whatever, the bottom line is we are human and we don’t enjoy seeing other humans suffer.

So what can we do about it?

The answer is simple: take the time to care. Give yourself some time to show another person that they aren’t alone and that they do matter. Of course, you can’t solve everyone’s problems by explaining what you personally have been through, but you can definitely help a few people. Have we become so caught up in our own lives and so immersed in ourselves that we can’t find 10 minutes to really connect with another human being who is hurting?

There are easy answers everywhere. Donating to charities, wearing a certain colour or wristband for a cause, dropping a coin in someone’s tin… these are nice gestures and I’m sure they help in some way. But they don’t help nearly as much as talking to someone and showing compassion.

Too many people are suffering in this world because they feel alone, they feel like they are the only one who is going through what they are going through, and they feel no one will understand. Because really, if anyone did understand or if anyone did go through the same thing, wouldn’t there be more people who were willing to talk about it or help them through the pain? N o one is ever alone if we all see each other as brothers and sisters, as family.

Next time you feel like you can’t help someone, remember what you have been through. Remember that you have survived and you are okay. Then, by listening and talking, help the next person to do the same.

Written by Raven Fon

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