Anxiety? Doubt? Fear? The Answers Are Always Available

Sitting atop one of the majestic rocks at Castle Hill, I asked the ancestors for guidance. I released all expectations and inhibitions and listened to the calming wind. I basked in the astounding glory and opened my heart to the beauty surrounding me. With my eyes closed, I felt the warmth of Father Sun above me and the coolness of Mother Earth below me. After an unknown amount of time, the only sounds I could hear were of the wind and my own breath.


I was transported to another realm- a divine serenity embraced me with arms of courage and strength. I was Raven, and I was my sister. I was everyone, and I was no one. I was alive and I was dead. I was present and I was past. When time, space, and name no longer held meaning, I received a message telling me exactly what I needed to hear. I am sharing this message because I know I am not the only one who could benefit from such powerful words. Especially words that ring true with such vibrancy and love. To ignore them, or hold them only for myself is something I can not do.


When the waves came over me, and I received my message, I cried. Tears streamed down my face as the words given to me were conveyed with such love… such emotion… and utter enlightenment.


“Change does not make you weaker. The water in the ocean is a source of power and it is only strong because it is not still.
Be like the tides and flow through the changes. Move through the water of your life.  Allow it to shape you and to smooth you into exactly what you need to be.”


We all face difficult paths in our lives and change is something that remains a constant. Even though we might struggle and ask ourselves “How am I supposed to handle this?” or when we think “This is too much!” the answer remains the same – we are strong and the changes we go through make us stronger. Instead of fighting the current and trying to force our way into a solution, relax and let the tides take you to your destination – even if you don’t know where that might be.


The ancestors answered me. They helped me and gave me the counsel I dearly needed. And they did it in a way I have never experienced. Once I opened myself up to that transmission, I felt changed. I felt love from within myself and all around me. We are never alone and we are never without guidance. We only need to ask, and listen. The answers are there and they will show themselves to you if you make yourself available to them.


Written by Raven Fon