This Man Saved 669 Children In The Holocaust, And He Has NO Idea They’re Sitting Next To Him

Get your tissues out, this one is a tear-jerker.

Digging up old treasures is often rewarding, but when Grete Winton came across a scrapbook in her attic that belonged to her husband 50 years before, she was stunned at what she found. The scrapbook, written between 1938-1939 contained the names and photographs of 669 children that her husband, Sir Nicholas Winton had saved from Nazi death camps. Winton organized a rescue operation that brought the hundreds of children to safety in Great Britain. After the war, his efforts became unknown, so until this incredible discovery, the children were unaware of humble humanitarian’s heroism.

In this clip from the TV show “That’s Life”, shot in 1988, Sir Nicholas Winton is shocked to discover that the feature is about him… and the children he saved 50 years earlier are surrounding him in the audience. When he realized that the survivors of what had became known as the “Czech Kindertransport” were surrounding him in the audience, Winton was understandably shocked and speechless. His reaction absolutely melted my heart. I am so grateful for this man’s bravery and kindness, and I am so happy that this hero finally got the recognition he waited so long for.

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By CAROLINE BAYARD | Little Things