What “Thinking” Really Does (And Doesn’t Do)

Sometimes, when I know I should feel a certain way, I feel almost nothing. I’m not sure what specifically dictates that if you are faced with a saddening situation, you must act sad, but lately I’ve been challenging that entire system of thought. If I could describe it, I would say its not really like numbness, but not exactly too far from it either. Its a combination of patience and retrospection. In order to see your situation clearly, and see your preferred outcome transpire, you need to remove chaotic emotions from your inner circle. You need to distance yourself from the feelings that will, undoubtedly, clog your mind and prevent you from seeing a natural perspective.

Our emotions are a wonderful thing and they can be a huge benefit to our lives. But, on occasion, it is best to put them in a box and work on your problems without the hindrance of tears, anger, guilt, joy, and even love. Yes, love is beautiful and it is the most important thing in the world, but love truly is blind and it will throw you into a world of chaos if you let it make all your decisions for you. Be strong – be nothing momentarily so you can be everything eternally. I’m not saying turn off all feelings and become a robot. I’m saying silence the worries and the abounding “what ifs”. Stop letting emotions rule your choices. Distance yourself from your problems and the answers come to you. Too often we get consumed by our own thoughts and feelings. Learning to put those things aside, even briefly, and focus on matters at hand is an enormous tool for happiness.

So remember, next time something arises that gets you going, don’t instantly react. Instead, put your emotions in your time-out box and stay grounded. You’ll find answers are much more readily available to you when you’re quiet enough to receive them.

Written by Raven Fon

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