15 Snapchat Fails Of People Who Are Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You

Having a bad day? We’ve got just the thing to cheer you up – pictures of other people who are having a worse day.

Ah, technology. It’s there when we need support, and helps our difficult situations become smoothly transitioned into something easier to handle. It’s there when we need directions, cooler air, or even a Hot Pocket (I have no idea why anyone would need a Hot Pocket).

And then there are the times when we have witnessed, or participated in an event that was either too embarrassing not to share, or just plain stupid and we enjoy having strangers laugh with us.

We all have bad days, and we all do really dumb things from time to time. At least these people have learned to laugh at themselves, so we can too.

Dog poo + Roomba


better go for the eye!


Nobody wanted to tell Grandma that her dish with “slots for the spoons” was an ashtray…


#5 Snapchat Fail

#6 Snapchat Fail

#7 Snapchat Fail

#8 Snapchat Fail

#9 Snapchat Fail

#10 Snapchat Fail

#11 Snapchat Fail

#12 Snapchat Fail

#13 Snapchat Fail

#14 Snapchat Fail

#15 Snapchat Fail

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By Raven Fon