Awesome dad turns son’s wheelchair into amazing ‘Ghostbusters’ costume

We think we’ve just found the father of the year.

Every Halloween, Ryan Scott Miller converts his son Jeremy’s wheelchair into an amazing mobile costume. This year, in an attempt to out-do last year’s epic Star Wars snowspeeder, the Millers left Jeremy’s costume up to a poll amongst friends between four family-approved suggestions.

They chose the Ghostbusters Ecto-1.

Ecto-1 is done! #ghostbusters #wheelchair #wheelchaircostume #halloween

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“He’s seen all three [Ghostbusters] shows and watches the cartoons on Netflix,” Miller told Mashable, “He loves the music, he loves that it’s a comedy with some pretty cool gadgets and adventure.”

The completed Ecto-1 costume includes “working headlights, siren lights, tail lights and speakers for the Ghostbusters siren and theme music” Miller wrote, “The roof rack includes yellow canisters, green canisters, blue tubes, ladder, red probe, siren light, two speakers (one for the Ghostbusters siren and one for theme music), satellite dish and whatever the white & red canister is from the Ecto-1.”

Who ya gonna call?! #ghostbusters #wheelchair #wheelchaircostume #halloween #ecto-1

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Of all of Jeremy’s costumes, “This has been the most complicated and difficult build,” Miller wrote, “The frame was more complex, [and] there was a lot of detail,” he continued.

We’ve officially started! #wheelchaircostume #ghostbusters #ecto1

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“Seeing his face as it started to take shape [was] awesome,” he said.

And Jeremy isn’t the only one smiling at the amazing finished product.

“We’ve come to love the smiles we bring to kids and their parents as we’ve shared it,” Miller wrote, “So we decided to share the costume with the kids at some of the local Children’s Hospitals.”


It’s hard not to smile at this functional masterpiece.

We’re sure Jeremy will be spreading the joy all Halloween.

Via Mashable

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