These Sexy Firefighters Are Taking Their Clothes Off And Cuddling Puppies For 3 GREAT Causes

By Raven Fon

Every once in a while, us ladies need some eye candy. What’s even better than a calendar of sexy firefighters cuddling adorable puppies? When it’s for a good cause, of course!

The Australian Firefighters Calendar has been around since 1993, and they’ve done some good deeds in that time. In fact, they have raised over 1.8 million dollars in the past 23 years, by providing these calendars to the public.

This year’s calendar is giving its proceeds towards the Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Westmead Children’s Hospital Burns unit. Their Instagram page informs us that they will also be donating to Mates 4 Mates, a group that supports wounded, or injured veterans and members of the Australian Defence Force.

So where do the puppies come into the picture? I’m glad you asked.

The sales of the calendar will contribute to the animal care and protection charity, RSPCA (hence the puppies).

For more information on the calendars, or to purchase one for you or a friend, visit the Australian Firefighter’s Calendar website.

And now, back to the pecs- I mean, puppies.

And if you are a fan of kittens, they’ve got you covered too.

All images via Facebook

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