These High-Heeled Tentacle Shoes Will Really ‘Grab’ Your Attention

By Raven Fon

No, they certainly don’t look comfortable, but paired with a mermaid crown, you could be the sea queen of dreams- or nightmares, depending on how you roll.

They look absolutely insane (and completely impractical), but these high-heels from designer Kermit Tesoro are definitely eye-catching. Can you imagine walking in these? They look cool- hell, they look incredible- but as a person who isn’t very graceful, I see ankle injuries in my future, were I to wear these.

If you check out Kermit Tesoro’s Facebook page, you will see if he has other equally freaky designs and it looks like he’s also got a Venus flytrap shoe. Why not? Again, probably totally impractical unless you’re Lady Gaga or a Japanese reality-show star. Why can’t someone just make sensible shoes that look like unicorn fairies dancing on your feet?

“EQUILIBRIA” by Kermit Tesoro (2016)

There’s also this…

And this…

And as for the mermaid crowns, They can be found HERE.

All images via Kermit Tesoro on Facebook