How Intuitive Are You, Really? Take This Test To Find Out!

By Raven Fon

Whether it is a spark of creativity, or a flash of insight, we experience life through our intuition. What level of intuitive thinker are you?

William Duggan wrote a book on the topic of our intuition and how it affects our lives. He classes intuition into three types: ordinary, expert, and strategic.

Duggan says, “Ordinary intuition is just a feeling, a gut instinct. Expert intuition is snap judgments, when you instantly recognize something familiar, the way a tennis pro knows where the ball will go from the arc and speed of the opponent’s racket. (Malcolm Gladwell wrote about this kind of intuition in Blink.) The third kind, strategic intuition, is not a vague feeling, like ordinary intuition. Strategic intuition is a clear thought. And it’s not fast, like expert intuition. It’s slow. That flash of insight you had last night might solve a problem that’s been on your mind for a month. And it doesn’t happen in familiar situations, like a tennis match. Strategic intuition works in new situations. That’s when you need it most.”

We have moments of Universal intuition as well. Call it empathic response, or collective consciousness, but sometimes we receive messages that we just can’t find a reason for. Strategy and logic don’t have much purpose with this type of intuition.

So which type do you tend to rely on more than the others? Let’s find out!